Three photographs on a table with illustrations of data and graphs.Snapshot interviews often consist of three to four questions and take only minutes to complete, making them easier to implement as a quick feedback tool. These can be especially useful with people who are not interested in participating in a lengthy follow-up interview.

When to Use: At the beginning and/or end of an event

Estimated Time: 90 seconds - 2 minutes

Participants: Youth, Adults, Educators

Supplies: Flexible depending on setting and group. Try these different options.

  • Worksheet with questions, paper, pens - You will need one worksheet per person
  • Video or audio answers recorded on a phone or tablet

Sample Questions: Snapshot Interviews are meant to collect quick impressions from groups of people.

  • What age range do you work with?
  • Why did you come here today?
  • What did you like about today?