The Research & Innovation Advisory Board helps provide guidance on strategic directions for CU Boulder's research, scholarship, and creative works. With an emphasis on encouraging interdisciplinary research, board members actively work to analyze and develop research growth strategies for the future, communicate research impact, offer mentorship support for new faculty, and facilitate faculty engagement in the university's culture of innovation.

Current Advisory Board Members

  • Stephanie Bryant
    Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Thora Brylowe
  • Josh Combes
    Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
  • Nils Damrauer
    Chemistry / RASEI
  • Kim Dickey
    Art and Art History
  • Frank Eparvier
  • Erin Furtak
    School of Education
  • Christoffer Heckman
    Computer Science
  • Chelsea Kilimnik
    Renée Crown Wellness Institute
  • Brian Lewandowski
    Leeds School of Business
  • Xiang Li
    Library Administration
  • Henry Lovejoy
  • Reiland Rabaka
    Ethnic Studies / Center for African and African American Studies
  • Ana Maria Rey
    Physics / JILA
  • Sandra Ristovska
    College of Media, Communication and Information
  • Michael Stowell
    Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB)
  • Christine Wiedinmyer
    Mechanical Engineering / CIRES