RPB / SNF International Research Collaborators Award Solicitation

Program Summary

This award promotes international collaborations through which researchers in the US and outside the US gain new knowledge and skills. These international collaborations in vision research have the potential to accelerate the development of treatments for blinding disorders, positively affecting large populations worldwide for years to come. Under a reciprocal arrangement, a US-based researcher will be funded to go for a period of time to an institution outside the US to gain new knowledge and/or skills and to deepen collaborative relationships with researchers there that will be conducive to future research collaborations. In turn, the institution outside the US will send a researcher for a period of time to the US institution from which the US researcher came. The collaboration should provide a synergistic benefit to each researcher and to the culminating project. The submission must spell out specific and cogent objectives to be accomplished by each of the collaborating researchers toward the fulfillment of two broad goals:  (1) gaining new knowledge and skills; and (2) strengthening collaborations across international boundaries.


Internal Expression of Interest Deadline: 11:59pm MST April 18, 2018

Sponsor Nomination Form Deadline: 9:59pm MST June 15, 2018

Sponsor Full Application Deadline: 9:59pm MST July 1, 2018

Eligibility and Proposal Information

Chairs may nominate an MD, PhD, or MD/PhD with a primary appointment in either the ophthalmology department or in another relevant department, particularly encouraging early-career investigators. Candidates must be full-time faculty in their primary appointment department by the application deadline.

A three-to-six-month stay in the other country is expected by each researcher.

Limited Submission Guidelines

Chairs may submit an application from only one person per grant category, per cycle.

Award Information and Duration

Award Amount: $75,000

Matching funds are not required, however, a match is encouraged by the department and/or the institution outside the U.S.