Conflicts of Interest & CommitmentConflicts of Interest and Commitment

CU Boulder's Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (COIC) department helps protect employees, students, departments, and the University as a whole from adverse outcomes resulting from potential conflicts of interest related to scholarship and research.

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  • 303-492-7401
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  • Research & Innovation Office
    University of Colorado Boulder
    Regent Administrative Center, Rm. 330
    99 UCB
    Boulder, CO 80309-0020

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  • University of Colorado Boulder
    Regent Administrative Center
    2055 Regent Drive, Rm. 330
    Boulder, CO 80309-0020


Melanie Green

Melanie Green

Executive Assistant, Office of Conflict of Interest and Commitment
Conflicts of Interest & Commitment
Samantha Hertzog

Samantha Hertzog

Conflicts of Interest & Commitment