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The CU Boulder AeroSpace Ventures (ASV) initiative creates a collaborative environment in which CU Boulder's aerospace engineering and earth and space science faculty, students, and industrial researchers work together to solve complex problems that lead to new discoveries and innovations.

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  • Research & Innovation Office
    University of Colorado Boulder
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    99 UCB
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  • University of Colorado Boulder
    Regent Administrative Center
    2055 Regent Drive, Rm. 330
    Boulder, CO 80309-0020


Chris Muldrow

Chris Muldrow

Interim Director
Office of Industry Collaboration • AeroSpace Ventures
Chris Muldrow is an experienced leader skilled in strategic and business development, and anchored by a broad technical background. After spending several years as … no kidding … a rocket scientist, Chris found his true passion in delivering superior value to customers in business development roles. He then "returned home" to the University of Colorado Boulder as part of the Office of Industry Collaboration, building mutually-beneficial partnerships between industry and...