The Research & Innovation Advisory Board helps provide guidance on strategic directions for CU Boulder's research, scholarship, and creative works. With an emphasis on encouraging interdisciplinary research, board members actively work to analyze and develop research growth strategies for the future, communicate research impact, offer mentorship support for new faculty, and facilitate faculty engagement in the university's culture of innovation.

Current Advisory Board Members

  • Daniel Baker
    Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)
  • Abby Benson
    Research & Innovation, Industry Collaboration and AeroSpace Ventures
  • Sanjai Bhagat
    Leeds School of Business
  • Deane Bowers
    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, CU Museum
  • Victor Bright
    Research & Innovation Office, Mechanical Engineering
  • Frances Draper
    Strategic Relations, University Communications
  • Terri Fiez
    Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
  • Dirk Grunwald
    Department of Computer Science
  • Thomas Hauser
    Research Computing
  • Theresa Hernandez
    Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Stefan Leyk
  • Kurt Maute
    Aerospace Engineering Sciences
  • Robert McGrath
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI)
  • Robert McLeod
    Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
  • Keith Molenaar
    Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • Scott Palo
    Engineering, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
  • Janice Peck
    College of Media, Communication and Information
  • Harihar Rajaram
    Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
  • Gail Ramsberger
    Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
  • Ted Randolph
    Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Cindy Regal
  • Karen Regan
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
  • Ann Schmiesing
    Graduate School
  • Rainer Volkamer
    Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Denitta Ward
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
  • Jeffrey York
    Leeds School of Business