Are you planning to run a workshop, give a science cafe, prepare an exhibit, or participate in a talk series as part of your Broader Impacts for a grant funded project?

Collecting feedback from program participants is critical to learning about the program’s impacts and identifying areas to improve. Pre-program evaluation can also be a great way to plan your outreach strategy. This site will provide you with a helpful matrix of evaluation strategies that can be used to assess different types of Broader Impacts events or programs as well as a searchable database of resources for evaluation methods ranging from surveys to more informal tools for judging audience engagement.

If you have a favorite evaluation tool that you would like to share with the Broader Impacts Network, please submit a suggestion. Suggest an Evaluation Tool

Some software referenced in the tools below may require a paid license. To see if CU offers free/discounted licenses or to request new software be supported by CU, please visit  OIT’s Software Licensing page.

For more background and discussion of strategies for evaluating Broader Impacts activities and how to write about evaluation in your grant proposals and reports, please see our chapter “Creative Evaluation to Improve your Programming - Practical Tools and Tips for Evaluating Broader Impact Programs” pending publication in The Handbook of Broader Impacts.