The 2021 Research & Innovation Seed Grant program resulted in 16 new grants with approximately $700,000 being awarded to CU Boulder faculty across disciplines.

2021 Funded Projects

PI Name PI Department  Category Project Title
Allison Anderson Aerospace Engineering Grand Challenge High Performance Spacesuit Glove with Novel Material Layup for Human Space Exploration
Chunmei Ban Mechanical Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Enabling Safe Solid-State Batteries by Using Gorilla Glass-Inspired Solid Electrolytes
Holly Barnard Geography; INSTAAR Geological Sciences The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind: diagnosing forest water stress with videos of tree motion
Stephanie Bryant Chemical and Biological Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences An Interdisciplinary Approach to Engineering Clean Meat
Kristen Carpenter Law Social Sciences & Professional Schools Implementing Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Language: Revitalization in the U.S.
Laurel Hind Chemical and Biological Engineering Biomedical Sciences  A “CRISPR” Understanding of Immune Cell Migration
Morteza Karimzadeh Geography Social Sciences & Professional Schools Recovering from a Pandemic: Unraveling Neighborhood Geographic Disparities in Consumer and Business Behavior in 2021
Steve Miller Environmental Studies Geological Sciences Emergent Risks in Telecoupled Fisheries
Jorge Poveda Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Deception and Counter-Deception: A Game Theoretical Framework for Control of Unmanned Vehicles
Ivan Smalyukh Physics; RASEI; Materials Science Engineering Grand Challenge Food, energy, climate change & space colonization: metamaterials for better greenhouses & extraterrestrial habitats
Anthony Straub Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Insect-mimicking membranes for robust desalination and industrial separations
William Taylor Museum of Natural History Social Sciences & Professional Schools Exploring Pastoral Prehistory and Climate Dynamics in the Mongolian Altai Through Glacial Archaeology
Susan Thomas Musicology Arts & Humanities Soundscapes of the People: A Musical Ethnography of Pueblo, Colorado
Maciej Walczak Chemistry Biomedical Sciences  Novel Cyclic Peptides with Antitubercular Activities
Helanius Wilkins Theatre & Dance Arts & Humanities The Conversation Series
Shaz Zamore ATLAS Social Sciences & Professional Schools Craniate - Superpowered Learning for The Underserved