The 2019 Research & Innovation Seed Grant Competition resulted in 25 new grants for a total of over $1.2M being awarded to CU Boulder faculty across disciplines, including two projects in this year's special category: Center Planning Grants.

2019 Funded Projects

PI Name PI Department Review Category Project Title
Tanya Alderete Integrative Physiology Biomedical Sciences  Exposure to Air Pollutants and Green Space: Implications for the Gut Microbiome and Metabolome in Hispanic Adolescents Living in Denver, Colorado
Allison Atteberry Research and Evaluation Methodology Program Social Sciences & Professional Schools Mind the Gap: Partnering to Narrow Denver’s Achievement Gaps by Retaining Top Teachers
Jeffrey Cameron Biochemistry Grand Challenge Light and Life
Carolyn Crow Geological Sciences Geological & Environmental Sciences Investigating Noble Gas Adsorption Properties of Microporous Materials: Improving Systems for Detecting Underground Nuclear Explosions
Xioyun Ding Mechanical Engineering Biomedical Sciences A Microfluidic System for T Cell-Based Immunotherapies
Lori Emerson English / Intermedia Arts, Writing and Performance Arts & Humanities Handbook for Feminist Labs
Kira Hall Linguistics Social Sciences & Professional Schools Accent Imitation as Social Resource on the Autism Spectrum
Mija Hubler Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Extremely Durable Concrete using Methane Decarbonization Nanofiber Byproducts
Keith Julien Applied Mathematics Basic Physical Sciences Exploring Doubly-Diffusive Turbulence in Extreme Environments
Sebastian Kopf Geological Sciences Grand Challenge Measuring the pulse of global change at the interface of Earth & Life
Joel Kralj Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology Biomedical Sciences Uncovering mechanical-electrical coupling in neurons
Stefan Leyk Geography Grand Challenge Measuring Vulnerability of the Built Environment in Coastal Communities of the United States: A Geospatial Framework
Abbie Liel Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Building seismic resilience of incrementally-constructed buildings
Henry Lovejoy History Arts & Humanities Conservation, Recovery and Discovery of 2D and 3D Cultural Heritage on
Robert McLeod Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Remote stereolithography of 3D heterogeneous tissues within sealed microfabricated platforms to enable in vitro biomedical research
John O'Loughlin Geography Social Sciences & Professional Schools Climate Change, Livelihood Security, and Violence Exposure: Tracking the Effectiveness of Peace Initiatives with a SMS Panel Survey in Kenya
Alessandro Roncone Computer Science Engineering & Applied Sciences Programmable and reconfigurable soft robots for symbiotic soft/rigid robotic systems
Teri Rueb Critical Media Practices Special Category 2019: Center Planning Grants Center for Documentary and Ethnographic Media
Hanspeter Schaub Aerospace Engineering Sciences Engineering & Applied Sciences Electrostatic Control in Low-Earth Orbit Plasma Wakes
Thomas R. Schibli Physics Basic Physical Sciences Mid-Infrared Frequency Comb Sources for High-Speed Infrared  Hyperspectral Microscopic Imaging
Nathan Schneider Media Studies Special Category 2019: Center Planning Grants Media Enterprise Design Lab
Stacey Smith Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Geological & Environmental Sciences Can flowers take the heat? Modeling the effects of climate change on flower color
Wil Srubar Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering Engineering & Applied Sciences Cement from Sunlight: Exploiting Biosynthetic Pathways in Photosynthetic Microalgae to Produce Cementitious Materials
Ashutosh Trivedi Computer Science Engineering & Applied Sciences Learning to Control Safety-Critical Systems
Luis Zea Aerospace Engineering Sciences Grand Challenge Biological Approach to Extracting Resources in Space and on Earth