I heard that student researchers must have a POI number in order to obtain IRB review.  Is this true?

Yes.  Any student researcher who does not have a current employment relationship with the University (i.e. has an active employee ID number) must obtain a Person of Interest (POI) number.

The POI number allows the student to access eRA, the electronic research administration system that the IRB uses to review and approve human research.  Prior to Fall 2014, a POI number was also required to access the DEPA, the Disclosure of External Professional Activities form that the Office of Conflict of Interest & Commitment (COIC) used to evaluate a researcher's conflict of interest status. For students, the DEPA form can now be accessed and completed from within MyCUInfo. Non-CU affiliates who are required to complete the DEPA must still obtain a POI number.

Students who have an active employee ID number do not need a POI numberTheir employee ID provides the sufficient privileges. Before requesting a POI, the student should attempt to login to eRA with his or her CU Identikey, password and select Boulder for the campus. If access is denied due to the lack of profile setup, the student needs a POI number.

I have not heard of this requirement.  Why is it this coming up now?

Since the initial implementation of eRA in 2010, student accounts have always required a POI number. It is not a new requirement but the individuals in ORI who have the security privilege to modify and edit employee records (HRMS) to create POIs has changed. In January 2013, POIs (and/or Employee IDs) became a new requirement for CITI training registration in order to integrate training records into eRA.

While the COIC no longer requires students to obtain a POI in order to access the DEPA form and/or complete NIH COI training, an evaluated DEPA is required for IRB approval (per disclosure on the IRB Initial Application eForm).

To date, ORI staff members – including staff from the IRB, IACUC, COIC, EC, and RCR – do not have the security privilege to create POIs. As a result, the ORI can only recommend that students contact their home department Personnel/Payroll Liaison (PPL) for assistance.

I am a PPL.  Can you share any guidelines for POI setup?

Yes. This guidance is based on previous successful POI creation for regulatory compliance purposes. To grant proper access for students, create a POI in the PeopleSoft HRMS system with the following information:

  1. Name (enter name as it appears in the active directory to make sure it matches the Enterprise Directory)
  2. Date of Birth (required to match the Enterprise Directory)
  3. Address (entered the Departmental campus address since this is a required field when creating POIs but not necessary for our purposes)
  4. Ethnicity (entered “Not Disclosed” since this is a required field when creating POIs but not necessary for our purposes)
  5. E-mail (entered official @colorado.edu e-mail address)
  6. Home Department/Campus Box (entered the Home Department and Campus Box for the student’s academic department)
  7. Add “Electronic Research Admin” POI association
  8. Add “00033 – Training Access” POI interest type (NOTE: The "00007 - External Trainee" and “00015– Security Access” POI type will also grant correct access privileges)

Important Notes:

  • The POI should be set to expire 1 year from the date of creation
  • The active date for the appointment should be the current date. eRA references HRMS for new appointments every evening but the check will only pick up new appointments that were created that day; retroactive appointments will not trigger eRA account creation.

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