Tracking Animal Use When Ordering, Importing From a Researcher at Another Institution, or Transferring Animals from Another Protocol:

OAR managed colonies:

TOPAZ Elements will track the numbers for animal orders and weaned cages. If animals are being euthanized or transferred prior to weaning, or are being weaned into existing cages usage should be reported via the "Report Animal Usage" on the OAR website.  If you have any questions please contact

PI managed aquatic and satellite breeding colonies:

Usage should be reported as it occurs via the "Report Animal Usage" on the OAR website. This will facilitate the animals being deducted from your protocol. 

Field Research:

The field researchers (PI or designee) need to keep the IACUC informed of the number of animals captured. In order to inform the IACUC Office more than just once a year (with the interim/annual review form), update us at the end of the field season via email. There is no form necessary to do this, just include the following in the email:

  • Protocol number
  • Number of animals used during the season
  • Total number of animals used so far on the protocol
  • Any animals captured in the field are housed in the facilities as outlined in your approved protocol

As always, keep track of the remaining number of animals on your protocol during the field season. Submit an amendment via TOPAZ to add animals if you are approaching your approved numbers.