Screen shot of Google Form showing different types of questions.A wide range of online survey platforms now make it quick and easy to collect and analyze survey data from participants online. Tools such as Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey and Google Forms provide the ability to design your own survey using a mix of different types of questions (or in some cases, using customizable survey templates) and share it with respondents using a link.

When to Use: Any time for participant feedback or after an event for evaluation

Estimated Time: 5-15 minutes for participants

Participants: Youth, Adults, Educators


  • Devices for participation - laptops, tablets, smart phones, access to internet
  • Apps for creating surveys - download apps, create accounts
  • Most apps offer free versions and paid plans

Online Tools: These options all offer free versions for creating short surveys and compiling response data.

  • Google Forms - part of the Google Suite, easily create surveys that can be shared to participants with a URL link. Includes multiple choice, ratings, check boxes, short and long answer question formats.
  • Survey Monkey - Basic plan is free, provides customizable surveys and survey templates, scheduled mailing, and data analytics
  • Qualtrics - a more sophisticated survey creation tool with more data analysis and report options