NIH NINDS Neuroscience Development for Advancing the Careers of a Diverse Research Workforce (R25) Solicitation

Please see the full solicitation for complete information about the funding opportunity. Below is a summary assembled by the Research & Innovation Office (RIO).

Program Summary 

The over-arching goal of this NINDS Neuroscience Development for Advancing the Careers of a Diverse Research Workforce R25 program is to support educational activities that enhance the diversity of the biomedical, behavioral and clinical research workforce by (1) increasing the pool of current and future Ph.D.-level research scientists from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in biomedical neuroscience research; and (2) facilitating the career advancement/transition of the participants to the next step of their neuroscience careers.

To accomplish the stated over-arching goal, this FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on NINDS relevant research experiences, mentoring activities that enhance competencies or leadership education and courses on skills development.  Programs that target transitions and/or more than one career stage for neuroscience career advancement and progression are strongly encouraged. NINDS support for this R25 program relies equally on scientific merit and programmatic considerations. Consequently, we recommend that potential applicants contact Scientific/Research staff at NINDS before preparing an application. NINDS will not support projects if they do not fulfill current programmatic priorities at NINDS.


CU Internal Deadline: 11:59pm MST May 22, 2019

Sponsor Letter of Intent Deadline: 5:00pm MST August 25, 2019

Sponsor Application Deadline: 5:00pm MST September 25, 2019

Internal Application Requirements (all in PDF format)

  • Research Education Program Plan Summary (2 pages maximum): Please describe the proposed research education program, program participants, institutional environment and commitment, recruitment plan to enhance diversity, and evaluation plan.
  • Project Team Description (2 pages maximum): Please identify the program director/PI (and describe their engagement in research and/or teaching related to the NINDS mission and evidence that they can organize, administer, monitor, and evaluate the research education program), identify program faculty (and their intended roles and research expertise/experience relevant to the program), and describe plans for program administration.
  • PI CV / Biosketch
  • Budget Overview (1 page maximum): A basic budget outlining project costs is sufficient; detailed OCG budgets are not required.

To access the online application, visit:


The PD/PI must have a regular, full-time appointment (i.e. not adjunct, part-time, retired, or emeritus) at the applicant institution.

Limited Submission Guidelines

Only one applications per institution is allowed.

Award Information

Award Budget: Limited to a maximum of $250,000 direct costs per year.

Award Period: Maximum project period is 5 years.