Raytheon Intelligence & Space gifts $250,000 fellowship endowment

June 29, 2021

Building on shared research interests, the Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences and Raytheon Intelligence & Space are partnering to address some of the globe's toughest challenges. Now, a new $250,000 endowed graduate fellowship fund, sponsored by Raytheon Intelligence & Space, will allow CU Engineering to recruit...

General Thompson - Space Force Visit

CU to join Space Force Partnership

June 25, 2021

Four-star general David Thompson traveled to Boulder last week to highlight the CU system’s participation in a new effort called the Space Force University Partnership Program. The innovative program will spur research that supports the newest military branch’s mission as a service that “organizes, trains and equips space forces in...

IDGA Hypersonic Weapons Summit

Interdisciplinary Hypersonics Research in Academia - Hypersonic Weapons Summit 2021

May 4, 2021

Dr. Iain Boyd was invited to present at the 2021 Hypersonic Weapons Summit focusing on Interdisciplinary Hypersonics Research in Academia. Dr. Boyd’s presentation highlighted University of Colorado’s Hypersonic Vehicles Interdisciplinary Research Theme (HyVIRT) with a focus on optimizing hypersonic systems across multiple disciplines including aerothermodynamics, materials, propulsion, structures, and navigation...

China’s hypersonic glide vehicle DF-17

CNSI director weighs in on China’s use of supercomputers built from U.S. computer chips for hypersonics weapons

April 9, 2021

Dr. Iain Boyd, Director of the Center for National Security Initiatives at CU, weighs in on China’s use of supercomputers built from U.S. computer chips for hypersonics weapons research. Read the full article

Colorado Business Review Cover Image

Center for National Security Initiatives Featured in Colorado Business Review

April 2, 2021

The Center for National Security Initiatives has been featured in the Colorado Business Review issue: Powerful Partnerships and Leadership in Emerging Areas Continue to Grow CU’s Impact on Aerospace.

Sandia Logo

Iain Boyd Appointed as Member of Sandia's Science, Technology, & Engineering Committee

Feb. 27, 2021

Iain Boyd, NSI Director, has been appointed as a member of the Science, Technology, & Engineering Committee of the Sandia Board of Managers. This is a new Committee created to review the alignment of Sandia’s research strategy with Department of Energy priorities; assess the quality and effectiveness of the technical...

DefenseNews: In support of US hypersonic system development

DefenseNews: In support of US hypersonic system development

Feb. 8, 2021

Responding to a recent New York Times article on hypersonics, NSI director Iain Boyd discusses the value of strategic hypersonic systems, as well as smaller tactical (short-range) systems.

US Space Command to move to Alabama

Press Interview: Space Command Moving to Alabama

Jan. 13, 2021

President Donald Trump has awarded U.S. Space Command to Huntsville Ala., in a move that several Pentagon insiders and lawmakers say bypassed the military’s top pick of Colorado Springs, the unit's current home, because of political considerations.

The flowfield around a notional NASA hypersonic glide vehicle

Press Interview: “Missile Gap,” Aerospace America

June 1, 2020

The U.S. believes it has made a breakthrough toward closing the gap in hypersonic missile technology it perceives between itself and China and Russia.

An artist’s impression of what a nuclear thermal ship built to take humans to Mars could look like

Op Ed: To safely explore the solar system and beyond, spaceships need to go faster – nuclear-powered rockets may be the answer

May 1, 2020

Dr. Iain Boyd discussed the need for speed for long-distance crewed missions through space.