LOC Of the People: Widening the Path: Connecting Communities Digital Initiative – Libraries, Archives and Museums

Below is a summary assembled by the Research & Innovation Office (RIO). Please see the full solicitation for complete information about the funding opportunity.

Program Summary 

The Library of Congress is excited to announce a Notice of Funding Opportunity (Notice) to award three grants for up to $50,000 each in support of libraries, archives and museums. The Library will provide financial support to enable libraries, archives and museums to use Library of Congress digital materials to create projects that center on the lives, experiences and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, Hispanic or Latino, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and other communities of color in the United States.

The Library invites applicants to think creatively and broadly about how they can reimagine and remix the Library’s digital materials. The following list of examples is meant to inspire and not limit the possibilities for what project proposals might include:

  • A small house museum proposes to create a small digital exhibit for their gallery to showcase collections and materials from the Library of Congress, from their own collections, and from participants invited to add their own digital collections to the exhibit;
  • A public library proposes to expand their local database on the history of a group or groups in their locale by including Library of Congress materials;
  • A neighborhood or community archive proposes to gather oral histories from neighbors to match those oral histories with digitized historical maps from the Sanborn Atlases, telephone directories from U.S. Telephone Directory Collection, and newspapers from Chronicling America;
  • A digital archive proposes to create daily tweets for one year highlighting a group or a set of groups;
  • A historical association proposes to create a collection of historic photographs combining Library of Congress and local collections, and invites the public to identify the people and sites in the photographs. This project could also include providing digital space to collect stories related to the photographs;
  • A local museum proposes to collaborate with a documentary filmmaker in order to collect visual and manuscript materials from the Library’s collections relating to a particular group and incorporates oral histories and verbal traditions from group members into a film;
  • A family historian at a local historical society proposes to trace a family’s story through the use of Library of Congress newspapers, manuscripts, and photographic collections, combined with local collections;
  • An archive with local NAACP materials proposes to incorporate the Library’s NAACP collection into a book on the local chapter of the NAACP;
  • A museum proposes to research movies set in their locale from the Library of Congress’ Moving Image Research Center and reproduce the movie posters for an exhibit;
  • A librarian working with a teen club proposes to pull materials from the Library of Congress so that the club members can make graphic novels and zines;
  • A museum’s social media team proposes to use Library of Congress materials to create a podcast;
  • An affinity group at a public library proposes to use Library of Congress materials to create online reader guides for their book club;
  • A museum proposes to create an Instagram Live series that includes linked resources from the Library of Congress;
  • A museum proposes to create an app interface that combines its own materials and Library of Congress materials in order to create a real-time tour of historic sites; and
  • A public library proposes to plan a series of outdoor events for young people to create music and dances on TikTok using music from the Library’s Citizen DJ project.


CU Internal Deadline: 11:59pm MST August 8, 2022

Sponsor Deadline: September 30, 2022

Internal Application Requirements (all in PDF format)

  • Project Summary (3 pages maximum): Please include: 1) the proposed project including main aims and activities; 2) the project team’s qualities and range of experience to successfully implement and complete activities; and 3) a proposed timeline.
  • PI Curriculum Vitae
  • Budget Overview (1 page maximum): A basic budget outlining project costs is sufficient; detailed OCG budgets are not required.

To access the online application, visit: https://cuboulderovcr.secure-platform.com/a/solicitations/6764/home


There are no special eligibility requirements.

Limited Submission Guidelines

An eligible applicant organization may submit only one application under this announcement.

Award Information

Anticipated Number of Awards: 3

Award Amount: $50,000

Review Criteria

Key considerations in evaluating each application will be:

  • Advancement of program goals
    • Does the Organization demonstrate experience working with the community or groups on which the project is centered?
    • Does the project center on the lives, experiences and perspectives of one or more of the following groups: Black, Indigenous, Hispanic or Latino, Asian American or Pacific Islander, and other communities of color?
    • Will the project make significant and meaningful use of digital materials from the Library of Congress?
  • Feasibility of successful project outcomes
    • Does the Library have the digital materials and collections needed for a successful project? Has the applicant identified and provided links to the digital materials and collections?
    • Has the applicant addressed whether those digital materials and collections are legally available for the proposed uses? For example, are there restrictions on the use of the materials?
    • Has the applicant addressed whether they have the permissions and clearances to share and use materials from their own collections or other collections included in proposal?
    • Does the organization, and any collaborators, consultants, and/or service providers, possess the skills necessary for successful completion of project?
  • Reasonableness of costs and likelihood that budget will support project execution
    • Does the applicant’s proposal indicate that the project can be completed within a 12- month period?
    • Are costs allowable under the cost principles found in 2 CFR 200 Subpart E?
    • If cost sharing, does the proposed cost share comply with relevant standards [2 CFR 200.306; Standard Provision "Cost Sharing (Matching)" for U.S. entities.]?
    • Are costs reasonable and effective for project completion?