Screen shot of Kahoot reports screen showing different featuresKahoot! offers a fun and engaging way to gauge student knowledge and learning in both virtual and in-person settings. This free and easy-to-use tool can collect instant feedback and provide a snapshot of overall performance or responses. Students play a competitive game by answering posted questions from a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Answers are posted instantly, in real-time and students accumulate points for correct answers. Instructors can easily create Kahoots with their own questions or use Kahoots shared by other teachers or sponsoring organizations. 

When to Use: For content review, before exams, at the end of units, or for polling opinions or knowledge before lesson.

Estimated Time: 5-30 minutes

Participants: Youth


  • Device with internet access for each student - laptop, tablet, smart phone
  • Screen and projector for displaying questions to the whole class

Assessment Tools: Teachers can create questions to test student knowledge or students can create questions to demonstrate learning.

  • Instructors create multiple choice questions and quiz students
  • Students create questions and share with instructor
  • Students play other student created quizzes
  • Use polls to collect student opinions, expectations, and feelings
  • Reports feature can show individual student answers and all student responses
  • Kahoots area available on many different subjects and fun topics such as trivia contests