Three students sitting on a bench looking at a large wall with abstract line art.This technique prompts participants to share general observations, thoughts and feelings about these observations, and any further questions they may have. Using a structured response format allows people who may not usually share their thoughts a space to give simple feedback.

When to Use: At the start of a lesson

Estimated Time: Flexible depending on level of discussion

Participants: Young children, Youth


  • Worksheet with questions, paper, pens
  • Pictures to use as prompts or texts for older students

Sample Formats: Show students a picture and ask them to respond to the three question prompts. Follow with sharing and discussion.

  • See
    • What do you see?
    • Have students share their observations to set groundwork for later questions
  • Think
    • What do you think?
    • Begin mini-discussions with responses to student comments, students agree or disagree, 
  • Wonder
    • What do you wonder?
    • Students share what they wonder or want to know more about. Other students can provide answers or add to discussion.