Boulder Campus Research Professor Series employees’ merit increases are effective October 1st, contingent upon a merit evaluation being processed and the guidelines established by the University being followed.

Rosters are disseminated to the hiring units by the end of May each year, along with the guidelines and instructions to be followed for the process, in addition to sample evaluation forms which are to be used in the evaluation process.

“Self-evaluation” form: Most units have developed an “internal evaluation document” which includes (1) yearly accomplishments, (2) goals for the next review cycle, (3) optional comments sections for both the employee and the supervisor, and (4) signature lines for both the employee and supervisor.

The proposed merit roster and summary evaluation forms for each employee in a respective unit must be submitted on or before the third Monday in July each year to the Research & Innovation Office, in order to be included in the merit increase cycle.

Research Professor Series employees are only eligible for one merit-based increase each year.