Large sheet of paper with written comments from different people.Graffiti Walls can be used in both face-to-face settings and virtual spaces. A graffiti wall allows participants to share brief comments or questions and creates a visual representation of feedback and overall engagement. Virtual spaces like Google Jamboard provide an opportunity to collect quick feedback via a virtual graffiti wall. Virtual sticky notes or comments can easily be rearranged or grouped to highlight common themes.

When to Use: Festivals, Drop-in events, Group settings, Workshops

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Participants: Young Children, Youth, Adults, Educators

Supplies: Flexible depending on setting and group. Try these different options.

  • Large sheets of paper on a wall, colored markers
  • Sticky notes of different colors
  • Google Jamboard, Padlet, or whiteboard


  • Graffiti Wall does best when people are proactively invited to participate at an event. It doesn't work well when it is left up for people to use on their own.
  • Encourage drawing as well as writing and provide colorful tools and materials to work with
  • Write prompt questions on the paper beforehand

Sample Prompts:

  • What is working well
  • What is not working
  • Opinions and Reactions - I think, I feel
  • What will you remember or take away from this?
  • What would you change?
  • What can we do in the future?