The 2015 Innovative Seed Grant Competition resulted in 17 new grants for a total of $786,154 being awarded to Boulder faculty across all disciplines. There were 81 submissions and 17 projects were funded. 

2015 Funded Projects

Corrie Detweiler Molecular, Cellular and Developemental Biology A Novel In-Cell Screen for Antibacterials
Zygmunt Frajzyngier Linguistics Tracking human migration through language contact: A case study based on the Chadic family
Peter Hamlington Mechanical Engineering High Fidelity Numerical Simulations of Wildland Fire Combustion
Deborah Hollis University Libraries The Stainforth Library of Women's Writing
Mija Hubler Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Cement Particle Toxicity during the Lifetime and Collapse of Civil Infrastructure
Gregory Johnson Religious Studies Center for Native and Indigenous Studies, the Humanities, and Law: Charting a Collective Research Trajectory and Creating an Endowment
Heather Lewandowski Physics Ultracold Chemistry with Free-Radical Molecules
Chris Link Integrative Physiology Role of the beta-amyloid peptide as an immune modulator in the brain
Emily Moore Physics Accessible Interactive Science Simulations for All Learners
Wounjhang Park Electrical and Computer Engineering Plasmon-enhanced optoporation of bladder cancer cells for highly targeted drug delivery
John Price Physics Many-Body Localization in Nuclear Spin Systems by Solid-State NMR
Harihar Rajaram Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering Improving Models of Meltwater Retention in Greenland for Reliable Sea Level Rise Projections
Jennifer Shannon Museum and Field Studies Documenting Everyday Life in the North Dakota Oil Boom on the Fort Berthold Reservation
Ivan Smalyukh Physics Engineering of Energy-Efficient Dynamic Windows with Independent Control of Transparency in Visible and Infrared Spectral Ranges
Wil Srubar Civil Environmental and Architectural Engineering Sustainable Synthesis of Gelatin Foams
Zhongping Tan Chemistry and Biochemistry Development of a New Mass Spectrometric Method for Quantitative Analysis of Protein Glycosylation
Wei Zhang Chemistry and Biochemistry Design, Synthesis and Li Ion Conductivity Study of Organic Framework Materials for Solid State Li Ion Battery Applications