The 2014 Innovative Seed Grant Competition resulted in 18 new grants for a total of $850,000 being awarded to Boulder faculty across all disciplines. There were 86 submissions and 18 projects were funded. 

2014 Funded Projects

Carol Cogswell Electrical and Computer Engineering Advancing next-generation 3D biological microscopy through PSF scanning and development of detection and classification algorithms
Eliana Colunga Psychology An adaptive vocabulary tutor for toddlers and preschoolers
John Crimaldi Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Turbulent production of microscale patchiness in motile and non-motile phytoplankton
Niels Harley Damrauer Chemistry and Biochemistry Driving ordered chromophore aggregation on nanoparticle oxides: Developing new strategies for next-generation solar cells
Douglas Duncan Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences The "Star power series" -  A theatrical, planetarium collaborative
Loren Hough Physics Tubulin-drug interactions revealed by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Karen S Jacobs English Relaunching GENDERS, a journal on gender and sexuality in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.
Joel L. Kaar Chemical Engineering Novel coatings to inhibit quorum sensing in surface associated bacteria
Minhyea Lee Physics Synthesis of Crystalline Quantum Materials
Abbie B. Liel Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Risks of damage to buildings and infrastructure due to human-induced earthquakes
John Scott McCartney Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering Soil-borehole thermal energy systems for site remediation
Greg Rieker Mechanical Engineering Multi-species trace gas analyzer for atmospheric, energy, and medical applications
Subhadeep Roy Chemistry and Biochemistry Electron microscopy in situ hybridization probes 
Rebecca J Safran Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Integrating behavior, engineering and mathematics: Applying modern network theory to social transmission of parasites
Matthew James Sponheimer Anthropology New directions in primate nutritional ecology and conservation
Mark P. Stoykovich Chemical Engineering A new paradigm in polymer flocculants:  Smart materials enabling more efficient and cheaper separations
Wei Tan Mechanical Engineering Novel toolset using dynamic nano-featured substrata for cell mechanotransduction study
Darin W Toohey Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Development of an aircraft instrument for measurements of isotopologues of water