The 2018 Research & Innovation Seed Grant Competition included 56 applications and resulted in 16 new grants for a total of $800,000 being awarded to CU Boulder faculty across all disciplines, including $150,000 for three projects supporting work directly connected to the CU Boulder Grand Challenge.

2018 Funded Projects

John Evans Aerospace Engineering Sciences Automated Storm Surge Modeling from Geospatial Data Sources (Grand Challenge)
Jan Lenaerts Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Exploring the fate of meltwater on Antarctic ice shelves: an interdisciplinary approach
Stephanie Bryant Chemical and Biological Engineering Uncovering A New Paradign in the Host Respond to Implanted Biomaterials
Aaron Clauset Computer Science Leveraging machine learning to improve biological protocol accuracy
Scott Taylor Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Big data for a big problem: understanding how urbanization alters contemporary evolution using high-throughput sequencing and high-resolution animal tracking
Kendi Davies Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Linking remote sensing, ground sensors, and biodiversity data in rapidly changing environments (Grand Challenge)
Wounjhang Park Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering Chip-scale mid-infrared entangled photon source based on chalcogenide
Sherri Cook Environmental Engineering Resilient and Sustainable Sanitation Systems: Characteristics, Links, and Barriers
Irina Overeem Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research Fertilizing the North Atlantic Ocean; how Greenland's Icebergs Raft Sediments into the Ocean
Christopher Lowry Integrative Physiology Global survey of environmental mycobacteria for prevention and treatment of inflammatory disease
Celine Vetter Integrative Physiology A Toolbox for Circadian Epidemiology: From Complex Environmental Signals to Personalized Medicine
Stephen Billings; Asaf Bernstein Leeds School of Business Inequality in the Costs to Society of Sea Level Rise
Greg Rieker Mechanical Engineering Single-beam laser diagnostics to measure flow vorticity in real-world environments
Heather Lewandowski Physics High Resolution Spectroscopy of Catalytic Clusters
Lori Hunter Sociology Socio-Environmental Data Integration for Population-Environment-Health Research: A South African Illustration (Grand Challenge)
Gesel Mason Theatre & Dance No Boundaries: Dancing the Visions of Contemporary Black Choreographers