Sketchbook with drawings of faces with a range of emotions from frowning to smiling.The growing popularity and use of emojis provides a fun and easy way to quickly survey participants of all ages, including pre-readers, about their experience. Ask participants to draw (or select from a group of emoji options) an emoji that symbolizes how the interaction made them feel or what they thought of a certain aspect of an event as a fun way to gauge the level of your audeince's engagement. Depending on your setting, emojis can be drawn, typed (using a phone, tablet or computer) or created with physical materials.

When to Use: Any time with question prompt, at the end or while exiting an event

Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Participants: Young Children, Youth

Supplies: Flexible depending on setting and group. Try these different options.

  • Paper, drawing supplies
  • Collage or made from craft materials
  • Technology - students select an emoji icon
  • Use online tools or apps for ratings and feedback