Dr. Scholl Foundation Grants Solicitation

Please see the full solicitation for complete information about the funding opportunity. Below is a summary assembled by the Research & Innovation Office (RIO).

Program Summary

The Dr. Scholl Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance to organizations committed to improving our world. Applications are considered in the following areas: education, social service, healthcare, civic and cultural, environmental. The categories above are not intended to limit the interest of the Foundation from considering other worthwhile projects. In general, the foundation guidelines are broad to give the foundation flexibility in providing grants.


CU Internal Deadline: 11:59pm MST January 13, 2020

Sponsor Application Deadline: 3:00pm MST March 1, 2020

Internal Application Requirements (all in PDF format)

  • Project Summary (2-3 pages maximum)
  • PI Curriculum Vitae
  • Budget Overview (1 page maximum): A basic budget outlining project costs is sufficient; detailed OCG budgets are not required.

To access the online application, visit: https://cuboulderovcr.secure-platform.com/a/solicitations/6447/home


There are no special eligibility requirements.

Limited Submission Guidelines

Organizations may only submit one application annually.

Award Information

Award Amount: There is no limit, however, on average, grants range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Award Duration: 1 year