DOE Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute: Cybersecurity in Energy Efficient Manufacturing Solicitation

Please see the full solicitation for complete information about the funding opportunity. Below is a summary assembled by the Research & Innovation Office (RIO).

Program Summary 

Through this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), in partnership with the Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response (CESER), seeks to establish a Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute dedicated to advancing cybersecurity in energy efficient manufacturing (referred hereafter as the Institute). The Institute will pursue targeted research and development (R&D) that will focus on understanding the evolving cybersecurity threats to greater energy efficiency in manufacturing industries, developing new cybersecurity technologies and methods, and sharing information and knowledge to the broader community of U.S. manufacturers. The Institute will leverage expertise from industry, academia, state and local governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), non-profits and Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs).


CU Internal Deadline: 11:59pm MST April 15, 2019

Sponsor Concept Paper Deadline: 5:00pm MST May 15, 2019

Sponsor Full Application Deadline: 5:00pm MST August 20, 2019

Internal Application Requirements (all in PDF format)

  • Abbreviated Concept Paper (3 pages maximum): Please include the following: technical description (including innovation and impact), qualifications and resources description, operations and management approach description.
  • PI CV / Biosketch
  • Budget Overview (1 page maximum): A basic budget outlining project costs is sufficient; detailed OCG budgets are not required. Please include the source of the required cost share.

To access the online application, visit:


No special eligibility requirements.

Limited Submission Guidelines

An entity may only submit one Concept Paper and one Full Application for consideration under this FOA. For example, EERE will only consider one Concept Paper and one Full Application per university for this FOA (not one submission per each college or school under the university).

Award Information

$70,000,000 for one award for five years. EERE will established up to 5 budget periods for the awards, however, only funding for Budget Period 1 will be authorized initially. Budget Period 1 will have a duration of approximately 12 months of the overall project period. A total of up to $14,000,000 in federal funds is anticipated to be available for the award for each budget period, however early budget periods, especially Budget Period 1, are anticipated to be funded at lower than $14,000,000 with funding allocations increasing as project activities increase.

Cost Share: The cost share must be at least 20% of the total allowable costs for research and development projects (i.e., the sum of the Government share, including FFRDC costs if applicable, and the recipient share of allowable costs equals the total allowable cost of the project) and must come from non-federal sources unless otherwise allowed by law.