The NSF CAREER program offers the most prestigious awards in support of junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholar through outstanding research, excellent teaching and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations. CU Boulder is fortunate to have more than 100 NSF CAREER recipients on campus, spanning over 20 departments. These awards recognize the outstanding contribution of our faculty to research and education efforts across campus.

Each year, the Research & Innovation Office convenes a gathering of all awardees (and their respective department chairs and college deans/associate deans) for an NSF CAREER Community Celebration. This annual celebration provides a time and space to recognize our community of CAREER recipients, celebrate new awardees, and provide an opportunity for awardees to meet and network with one another across disciplines. At each gathering, a few awardees are selected to give short presentations about how the NSF CAREER award has impacted their respective careers. This year's celebration will be held on February 12 from 4:00-6:00pm, in the Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE) Chancellor's Hall and Auditorium. All are welcome, and we ask that you register here for the event.  Refreshments will be served.

Congratulations to all of our NSF CAREER award recipients listed below. Thank you for choosing CU Boulder.

Year Award Recipient Department
2019 Balch, Jennifer Geography
2019 Barton, Taylor Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2019 Berta-Thompson, Zachory Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
2019 Comerford, Julia Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
2019 Dall'Anese, Emiliano Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2019 Hamlington, Peter Mechanical Engineering
2019 Hinckley, Eve-Lyn Environmental Studies
2019 Holewinski, Adam Chemical and Biological Engineering
2019 Hough, Loren Physics
2019 Jahn, Alexandra INSTAAR
2019 Kazachenko, Maria Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
2019 Kolla, Alexandra Computer Science
2019 Matsuo, Tomoko Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2019 Psychogiou, Dimitra Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2019 Vu, Tam Computer Science
2018 Fox, Jerome Chemical and Biological Engineering
2018 Long, Rong Mechanical Engineering
2018 Lovenduski, Nicole Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
2018 Walczak, Maciej Chemistry
2017 Carroll, Clinton Ethnic Studies
2017 Kane, Shaun Computer Science
2017 Keller, Eric Electric, Computer and Energy Engineering
2017 Smith, Graeme Physics
2017 Stange, Katherine Mathematics
2016 Khurram, Afridi Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2016 Emery, Nancy Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2016 Gold, Anne CIRES
2016 Gopinath, Juliet Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2016 Kay, Jennifer Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
2016 Lundquist, Julie Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
2016 Shirts, Michael Chemical and Biological Engineering
2016 Smith, Stacey Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2015 Clauset, Aaron Computer Science
2015 Dashti, Shideh Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2015 Doostan, Alireza Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2015 Eaves, Joel Chemistry
2015 Kaar, Joel Chemical and Biological Engineering
2015 Neu, Corey Mechanical Engineering
2015 Rieker, Gregory Mechanical Engineering
2015 Rosario-Ortiz, Fernando Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2015 Shapiro, Ben Computer Science; School of Education
2015 Tan, Zhongping Biochemistry
2015 Yeh, Tom Computer Science
2014 Ahmed, Alaa Integrative Physiology
2014 Davies, Kendi Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2014 Dowell, Robin Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
2014 Fox-Kemper, Baylor Applied Mathematics
2014 Hoefer, Mark Applied Mathematics
2014 Nagpal, Prashant Chemical & Biological Engineering
2014 Vernerey, Franck Mechanical Engineering
2013 Hallowell, Matthew Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2013 Hussein, Mahmoud Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2013 Liel, Abbie Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2013 Mahan, Kevin Geological Sciences
2013 Schibli, Thomas Physics
2012 Cha, Jennifer Chemical & Biological Engineering
2012 Correll, Nikolaus Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2012 Dukovic, Gordana Chemistry and Biochemistry
2012 Johnson, Pieter Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2012 Safran, Rebecca Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2011 Chang, Bor-Yuh Evan Computer Science, ECEE
2011 Ferguson, Virginia Mechanical Engineering
2011 Zhang, Wei Chemistry
2010 Borden, Mark Mechanical Engineering
2010 Fierer, Noah Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2010 Flowers, Rebecca Geological Sciences
2010 Furtak, Erin School of Education
2010 Halverson, Nils Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
2010 Heinz, Hendrik Chemical and Biological Engineering
2010 McLeod, Robert Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2010 Palmer, Amy Biochemistry
2010 Raschke, Markus Physics
2010 Sankaranarayanan, Sriram Computer Science
2010 Shang, Li Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
2010 Yin, Hang Hubert Biofrontiers Institute
2009 Betterton, Meredith Physics
2009 Bryant, Stephanie Chemical and Biological Engineering
2009 Damrauer, Niels Chemistry
2009 Frew, Eric Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2009 Han, Weiqing Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
2009 Lowry, Christopher Integrative Physiology
2009 Smalyukh, Ivan Physics
2009 Volkamer, Rainer Chemistry
2009 Weber, Mathias Chemistry
2009 Yang, Ronggui Mechanical Engineering
2009 Yeh, Emily Geography
2008 Lewandowski, Heather Physics
2008 Martinsson, Gunnar Applied Mathematics
2007 Chu, Xinzhao Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2007 Park, Harold Mechanical Engineering
2006 Palen, Leysia Information Science; Computer Science
2005 Finkelstein, Noah Physics
2005 Gill, Ryan Chemical and Biological Engineering
2005 Gurarie, Victor Physics
2005 Jimenez, Jose Chemistry
2005 Murray, Todd Mechanical Engineering
2005 Neupauer, Roseanna Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2005 Palo, Scott Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2004 Crimaldi, John Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
2004 Maute, Kurt Aerospace Engineering Sciences
2004 Medlin, Will Chemical and Biological Engineering
2003 Glenn, Jason Physics; Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences
2002 Black, John Computer Science; Mathematics
2002 Han, Richard Computer Science
2002 Zhong, Shijie Physics
2001 Schwartz, Daniel Chemical & Biological Engineering
2000 Dessau, Daniel Physics
2000 Jansen, Kenneth Aerospace Engineering Sciences
1999 Wuttke, Deborah Biochemistry
1998 Anseth, Kristi Chemical & Biological Engineering; Biofrontiers Institute
1998 Rajaram, Harihar Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
1998 Tsai, Pei-San Integrative Physiology
1997 Hernandez, Mark Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
1997 Maksimovic, Dragan Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
1997 Piket-May, Melinda Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
1997 Wurman, Joshua Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
1996 Brown, Timothy Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
1996 Gin, Douglas Chemical & Biological Engineering
1996 Pao, Lucy Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering; 
1996 Radzihovsky, Leo Physics
1992 Fiez, Terri Research & Innovation Office; Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

If you have any questions about CU Boulder's NSF CAREER Community Celebration or if you have any edits to the list of recipients above, please contact the Research & Innovation Office at