Returning Users

If you already had an account that was associated with your CU email address, then your account was linked to your identikey during the initial SSO conversion. Visit the portal and login with your CU credentials.  

Q:  I logged in but my training record isn’t correct.  Now what?

A: If you are missing your current training record, it is likely you have multiple accounts with CITI and the primary account was set to an account you do not use.  To remedy the situation, email the CITI Program help desk and request an account merge.  You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Affiliated institution (“University of Colorado at Boulder”)
  • Username of account to keep (i.e. the account linked to your Identikey)
  • Username of account(s) to merge

You can retrieve your usernames through the CITI automated retrieval system.

New Users

Visit the portal and log in with your CU credentials.  Upon login your new account will be created and you will be prompted to complete the required profile information.