Research & Innovation Week, which takes place October 15–19, 2018, is a weeklong celebration and showcase of research, scholarship & creative works at CU Boulder, designed to:

  • Highlight and shape tomorrow’s leaders
  • Showcase some of our most compelling innovations
  • Demonstrate the broad impact of our research & creative works

For researchers, faculty, staff, postdocs, grad students and undergraduate students, the key goals are to build a sense of shared community across campus, create opportunities for collaboration and recognize great leadership and outcomes.

An easy way to participate by engaging your students

  • Bring your research, scholarship or creative work to class, and take a few minutes during class to tell students about your work and the research you’re passionate about.
  • Students can benefit merely from the passion and expertise you embody by sharing your work with them.
  • Sharing your personal work with your students can promote an inquisitive approach to learning and a model for critical thinking.
  • If the content of your work is difficult to convey within the constraints of the time or the nature of knowledge in your field, students may be able to benefit from learning about the approach or process you employ.
  • Showing them how much you care about your own work may inspire your students to approach their own work with similar passion.

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