Randy Siders with awardRandy Siders, Executive Associate Director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), is the 2021 recipient of the RIO Outstanding Partner Award.

Randy was nominated by:

  • Gary Henry, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Director, Office of Contracts and Grants
  • Alexa Van Dalsem, Deputy Director, Office of Contracts and Grants

What the Nominators Said About Randy

Randy has a reputation as an innovative and insightful leader. Due to his exemplary professionalism, insightfulness, selfless service to LASP, and his unwavering spirit of collaboration and teamwork, he is sought out by RIO and many other leaders throughout campus as a “must have” person to help tackle the myriad of challenges and opportunities that continually face our campus. Randy brings an operational mindset and perspective that has proven critical to ensuring department and institute impacts are considered for research administration process and policy changes.

RIO has benefited from Randy’s innate and somewhat unique communication style. Often using what many call “Randy-isms,” he has the ability to give structure, meaning, practicality and even humor to complex ideas. This ability is something that helps drive campus leaders toward actionable solutions. Randy drives clear innovation and change that benefits the entirety of campus, which cannot be overstated. Examples of RIO and other cross campus projects where he has helped enable success in the past year include the following:

Randy as a test pilot in the 1980s

Randy as a test pilot in the 1980s

  • Emirates Mission to Mars (EMM)—Partnering with the United Arab Emirates, LASP successfully launched and put in Mars orbit a probe expected to create the first complete portrait of the Martian atmosphere. The mission has been a resounding success, solidifying LASP and CU’s reputations and setting the stage for even more complex research missions moving forward. Randy’s insightful approach to break down organizational barriers and work as a team was key to that success. LASP and OCG partnered in unprecedented ways, with constant program manager and contracting officer coordination.
  • LASP / Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) Collaboration—Randy’s leadership has helped spur strong collaborative relationships between OCG and LASP to support innovative endeavors. 
  • BRIDGE—The campus BRIDGE project was established to improve and advance the business of research partnerships between the Campus Controller’s Office (CCO), OCG and campus units. As CU Boulder’s research enterprise grows, Randy's leadership has been instrumental in moving the BRIDGE project forward to improve and advance the business of research partnerships between the Campus Controller's Office, OCG and other campus units. He brings a true business-oriented mindset that has proven to be a catalyst for change and a driver for several solutions being considered for implementation.

Randy is a tremendous leader in LASP, RIO and the university. He continually, but professionally, challenges the norm, helping to drive innovation and change for the betterment of all. His integrity, adaptability and leadership during periods of opportunity and turmoil make it a true privilege to work with him.