Linda Rose receives the 2019 RIO Outstanding Partner Award from VC Terri FiezLinda Rose, Manager for Research Facilitation from the College of Engineering and Applied Science, is the 2019 recipient of the RIO Outstanding Partner Award.

Linda was nominated by:

  • Nancy Tway, Senior Budget Officer, RIO and the Institutes
  • Denitta Ward, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation and Director of OCG
  • Erika Herreria, RIO Budget and Finance Manager

What the Nominators Said About Linda

Linda is a respected thought leader among department research administrators and faculty across campus due to the high level of integrity with which she conducts her interactions. Linda openly and honestly confronts and communicates campus concerns in her daily interactions as a campus research champion. She exemplifies a strong spirit of cooperation and collaboration. 

The RIO units that Linda interacts with include (but are not limited to) the Office of Contracts and Grants; the research institutes; Conflicts of Interest and Commitment; Human Research & IRB; Office of Industry Collaboration;  National Security Research; Grand Challenge; research centers; seed grants and Cost Share. 

When issues arise that affect research on campus, Linda is first in line volunteering to work towards solutions that benefit all campus research, such as:

  • Providing much needed communication and institutional knowledge during a period of high turnover in OCG's strategic reorganization
  • Serving in a leadership capacity on the Research Process Optimization team
  • Establishing a process of communication with OCG that is currently a model replicated by LASP, CIRES and JILA
  • Processing awards and no-cost extensions during a time when OCG was short staffed
  • Educating the faculty and new finance staff in CEAS regarding Grand Challenge awards and budgeting needs
  • Keeping RIO informed of new Cost Share commitment negotiations and award funding notifications
  • Actively contributing to the Faculty and Administrators Advisory Board for Research (FAAB)
  • Improving communications to campus in order to prevent misunderstandings and ensure that need-to-know staff are informed of important policy and procedural changes
  • Setting up a process with the Campus Controller's Office to solve the problem of document sharing between campus units and research invoicing technicians

Linda is a tremendous asset to Engineering, campus research, RIO and the university. She continually projects a positive attitude despite the ever-present challenges presented by workflow and system changes. This positive attitude is present in all communications with her campus peers and constituents. Her integrity, adaptability and leadership during periods of turmoil and change, coupled with her positive, team-oriented approach make it a true privilege to work with her, and are the standards to which we should all aspire.