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At the annual State of the Research & Innovation Enterprise presentation—the kick-off event for the 2023 Research & Innovation Week—Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and Dean of the Institutes Massimo Ruzzene outlined key activities, insights and aspirations from the university’s research and innovation enterprise.

During the Oct. 16 talk held at the Sustainability, Energy and Environment Community (SEEC) on East Campus, Ruzzene covered topics ranging from research funding trends and investments in leadership and infrastructure to significant team and faculty awards and future opportunities that CU Boulder is equipping itself to pursue.

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Highlights from the State of the Research & Innovation Enterprise presentation

  • An overall message of leading by reinforcing the campus’ core strengths, innovating through interdisciplinarity and collaboration, and creating impact by expanding beyond discovery enrich communities and address pressing societal challenges.
  • A commitment to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion embedded throughout the research and innovation ecosystem.
  • CU Boulder attracted $684 million in research funding during FY23.
  • Research funding compares very favorably with CU Boulder’s R1 and AAU peers, and has nearly doubled since 2013, when research funding totaled $351 million.
  • Spotlighting numerous honors and research centers that reflect individual and collaborative achievements while also demonstrating CU Boulder’s excellence relative to competitive peer institutions across the country.
  • Detailing investments in faculty, infrastructure and other supports that equip the campus to maintain and expand impact in research, scholarship and creative work.
  • Case studies illustrating innovation: AB Nexus, CU Boulder’s 12 research institutes, the Center for National Security Initiatives (CNSI), and the Colorado-Wyoming NSF Engines collaborative proposal.
  • Case studies embodying impact: Colorado’s quantum ecosystem and CU Boulder’s CUbit Quantum Initiative; economic impact metrics; undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral research; and faculty startup Prometheus Materials.
  • Future opportunities for campus: Workforce Development, the Sustainability Initiative and the Regional Innovation Hub.

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