Published: Jan. 18, 2019

 A Letter from the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation

Terri Fiez, Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation

University of Colorado Boulder Community,

The partial federal government shutdown initiated on December 21 is now the longest such shutdown in U.S. history. While labeled a “partial” shutdown, its effects are real and growing.

In spite of the many real challenges posed by the shutdown, the vast majority of the university’s work is continuing without interruption, even as we monitor and respond to specific impacts to our community.

CU Boulder stands with those individuals coping with challenges caused by the shutdown. We continue to monitor specific impacts on faculty, students, staff and operations, and we are actively working to mitigate impacts where possible.

We also stand with our partners at federal agencies and laboratories, in higher education and in private industry, all of which are affected by the shutdown. We continue to advocate through alliances like the AAU, APLU and AAAS, which are calling for an end to the shutdown. Our government relations team is in regular contact with our congressional delegation to communicate concerns, seek solutions and advocate for an immediate end to the shutdown.

We will continue to monitor, and mitigate whenever possible, effects on our students, faculty, staff and partners. We will also continue to advocate for the restarting of government through every means available.

Thank you for continuing to focus on the important work that each of us has before us.

Terri Fiez
Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Research & Innovation Office
University of Colorado Boulder