Published: Jan. 22, 2018
Terri Fiez headshot

University of Colorado Boulder community,

All of us here at CU Boulder are pleased that the Senate, House and President have agreed on a Continuing Resolution (CR) to end the federal government shutdown that began last Friday. We appreciate the understanding of our campus and community as we adjusted to this development over the weekend, and as we return to business-as-usual effective immediately.

We are hopeful this short-term CR reflects an increased commitment to collaboration across our legislative branches that will soon lead to a long-term solution, especially given that the just-passed CR expires on Feb. 8 – just a few weeks from now.

This new CR will limit the consequences of this shutdown, but a long-term budget solution is critical to ensuring the continuity and quality of the discovery and innovation carried out at CU Boulder and the other leading research institutions across the country, as well as the significant impact on all of those who benefit from our important work.

Rest assured that we are continuing to work with other research universities, industry partners, lawmakers and others who are invested in higher education and research, to advocate aggressively for the kind of robust and stable support that will deliver the greatest results to our country.

The majority of all research projects on campus were unaffected by this shutdown. Only a handful of our government research contracts were subject to stop-work orders and the Office of Contracts and Grants will request a full rescission of those orders to assure that research may resume. All affected projects and researchers impacted by stop-orders have been notified.

Our federal funding website and CU Boulder Today will continue to be reliable sources of information about federal funding issues that affect CU Boulder.

Terri Fiez
Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Research & Innovation Office
University of Colorado Boulder