Aerial view of CU Boulder campus

The Research & Innovation Office (RIO) released its Research & Creative Work 2016-17 annual report this week.

The report features highlights of University of Colorado Boulder research and creative work from the past year, illustrating the depth and range in innovation and scholarship taking place across the CU Boulder campus. In addition to new stories and discoveries, this year’s report includes an “innovators thread,” spotlighting world-class leaders blazing trails in their respective fields and connecting the dots from engineering to the arts.

The university’s ability to attract a record $508 million in research funding in 2016-17 is only one measure of the impact being created across the campus. It is a tribute to the innovative mindset and excellence of CU Boulder faculty, researchers and staff, as well as the undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, entrepreneurs, and government and industry partners who are so vital to our work.

To request print copies of the report, please contact