Purchasing a Vehicle

The acquisition of university fleet vehicles involves three departments: the requesting campus department, Transportation Services (TS) and the Procurement Service Center.

  • The requesting department fills out a Vehicle Request form. It must include a signature and the proper speedtypes for the initial purchase and for future maintenance.
  • Please work with the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) for approval if using a sponsored funds (fund 30,31 or 12 speedtype) to pay for a new vehicle.
  • The Fleet Manager works with the Shop Supervisor to provide advice on mechanical specifications and cost estimates using State of Colorado vehicle price agreements.
  • Special equipment should/can be requested during the vehicle acquisition process.
  • The Fleet Manager reviews the specifications, identifies the name of supplier, and verifies the contracted price, terms and delivery.
  • The Fleet Manager provides the final quote to the requesting department for approval before submitting a requisition to Procurement Service Center for a purchase order to buy the vehicle.
  • At the time of delivery, TS inspects the vehicle to ensure that specifications are met and everything is in working order.
  • TS applies a university logo to the vehicle, obtains the title, registration, license plates and fuel card where applicable.
  • The Property Accounting Office within the Campus Controller’s Office will process and assign the CU Property Tag to fleet vehicles over $5,000.

Transfer of vehicles requires proper authorization from the department heads of both the transferring and the receiving departments. Equipment is not to be transferred between departments without the knowledge of the property accounting office, the fleet manager, and the respective departmental property managers involved.

To Transfer a Vehicle

A vehicle being retired from service must be released by its department to Transportation Services (TS). When retiring a vehicle to TS:

  • The department is required to complete a Property Disposal Form when disposing of a vehicle.
  • The department should remove any special equipment that has been installed. The returning department may schedule the removal of such equipment by Transportation Services and is responsible for any associated costs.
  • An emissions test is required one week prior to turn-in.
  • Remove trash and personal items from the vehicle.
  • The gas credit card, registration, vehicle packet and all sets of keys must be submitted to TS.
  • Transportation Services sends the vehicle to auction to be sold. Proceeds that exceed the cost of disposal shall be credited to the department that funded the vehicle.

Data Reporting

All departments must report fleet vehicle mileage to Transportation Services by the 20th of each month. This information is used to inform departments when their vehicles require servicing. Accurate and timely reporting is important.


University Risk Management oversees the insurance program for the university fleet. Departments are responsible for funding insurance costs associated with vehicles under their control. All vehicles titled to the University of Colorado or for which the university is responsible must be covered by university insurance unless an exception has been approved by University Risk Management.

Transportation Services distributes proof of insurance cards for fleet vehicles. If your vehicle is missing one, please stop by the Transportation Services' office at 3205 Marine Street or call 303-492-7152 to arrange for a card to be sent to you.