Understand procedures before an accident occurs.

Ensure that in the case of an accident/vehicle damage all proper procedures are followed including presenting documentation (police report, accident report, photos, etc.) to Transportation Services.

If the accident involves a CDL driver operating a CDL required vehicle then you must call the Sr. Operations and Compliance Program Manager at 303.710.2256 immediately.  There may be additional steps depending on the situation.

To report a fleet vehicle accident, complete an Fleet Vehicle Accident Report Form[1] and submit the form within 24 business hours of the accident to: TransportationSvcs@colorado.edu. Contact 303-492-7152 if you'd like a copy of the form.

[1] The PDF form on this page is not fully accessible for users who employ screen readers and other assistive devices. If you use assistive technology and need assistance with the document, please contact Transportation Services at 303-492-7152.