Property Services oversees purchase and installation of furniture, moving services, surplus management, and more.

Property Services can help you with:

  • Moving services for faculty and staff
  • Reutilization, recycling, auction and disposal of used furniture and equipment
  • Internet sales of high-end used electronics equipment for departments
  • Purchase and installation of classroom and office furniture
  • Set-up for special events such as commencement and convocations

Our crew at the Distribution Center is experienced in moving offices and labs. Our moving and hauling rates are $50.01 per staff hour. (Time and a half for overtime.) Scheduling is easy:

Please help us make your move as painless, efficient, and cost effective as possible by following a few simple recommendations:

  • Plan ahead as far as possible. Property Service can schedule up to nine months in advance.The further out you can plan the easier it will be to guarantee your desired move dates. Remember, school break times (especially the summer break) are our busiest periods for moving services and it is strongly recommended that you have your requests submitted at least two months prior to the requested move date.
  • When filling out your move request please include as much information as possible including correct descriptions of the items to be moved. This is especially important when describing files (vertical as opposed to lateral), heavy or large items, glassware, pictures, artwork etc.
  • Request a pre-screening of the move to ensure you have all the information you need. We do this for free! Frequently departments that have not requested a pre-screening are inadequately prepared for our movers (they are fast!) and if you are still packing up desks, personal belongings, books etc. when they arrive, you may significantly increase the cost of your move.
  • Please mark the final destination on your furnishings and boxes (larger yellow post-its work well for this purpose).
  • Have someone appointed to give directions at both the pick-up as well as the delivery locations. If an individual is not available to stand and direct the placement of his or her belongings as we bring them in, please have them provide a simple (understandable) map of the office layout so that we can place the items as quickly and correctly as possible.
  • We turn desks and extensions on end so these items must be emptied prior to move.
  • Use boxes that can be closed and fill them completely but do not overfill and absolutely do not pack large boxes with books and such. Toilet paper cases filled with books tend to rupture and can make for a tedious and costly cleanup.
  • With the exception of lateral or mechanical files, file cabinets can generally be left full unless there are stairs or other hazardous considerations. We will clarify this during pre-screening.
  • Make sure all computers are disconnected and ready for transport.
  • We are precluded from transporting hazardous materials, with the exception of Universal Hazardous Waste, i.e. electronics.
  • Extremely high value items may require additional insurance, for questions contact University Risk Management
  • To ensure continuing prompt delivery of your mail, please remember to notify Mailing Services 303-492-6524 as early as possible before your move.

Our goal is to provide fast efficient service and to make your move as worry free as possible. Thank you for considering Property Services for all your relocation needs, your patronage is greatly appreciated!

Free estimates are available.

If you have a particular date and time in mind, we will try to accommodate you. However, we schedule on a first-come, first served basis. The crew that handles moves also does pick-up of disposal items and delivers furniture.

Classroom Furniture

Property Services procures and provides classroom seating in all centrally controlled (and residential academic program) classrooms.

For more information contact our Logisticts Coordinator, 303-492-7207.

Furniture Sales to Departments

We offer a wide variety of used office furniture. Desks, chairs, bookcases, credenzas, and tables of all shapes and sizes are available for departmental purchase. Before purchasing used furniture, please make sure that you and your speedtype are included in your department's profile in our Surplus Property Management System.

When you are interested in making a purchase, it might be best to visit us in person. Our stock changes on a near daily basis. Please call 303-492-6525and make an appointment. You are welcome to drop by and browse our warehouse, but please give us a call about an hour before making the trip as we handle a variety of functions and occasionally have to commit our resources elsewhere.

**Property Services reserves the right to limit the quantity of purchases to individuals or groups.**

We also hold periodic public auctions which are open to the public.

For More Information
Call 303-492-7207 or email

Public Auction at UCB

CU Boulder Surplus will hold the next auction of surplus property and equipment on October 23, 2021. Please note that masks will be required to attend and/or participate in the event. 

The Dickensheet auction house may have additional rules and restrictions, please refer to their website for further information.  

For further information regarding auction format, preview times, and a list of auction items click here


Auctions are held on the east side of:
University of Colorado Boulder
Distribution Center
3300 Walnut Street, Unit B
Boulder, CO 80301

Some items listed may not be available at time of auction due to departmental retention, timing, logistical, or other reasons. Please note that all item descriptions are provided by CU-Boulder departments and as such Property Services is unable to guarantee verification of each description. This listing has been provided for informational purposes only and does not reflect the order that the items will be sold.

All items won at auction must be purchased and removed from the premises by purchaser on the day of auction. Items cannot be held over for pick-up without making special arrangements with Property Services’ staff.

We do not provide access to dumpsters or trash roll-offs for the disposal of unwanted items. The legal and proper disposal of any purchased item is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.   

The University of Colorado strongly encourages and supports the appropriate disposal of unwanted/unusable electronic items and will, upon request, provide information on known recycling/reclamation organizations.

Please contact our Surplus Property Supervisor at (303) 492-1120 or with any questions about the auction or property disposal information.

Purchase of Surplus Property by University Employees

State of Colorado (including CU) employees are welcome to purchase surplus property directly from Property Services. State of Colorado (including CU) employees are also welcome to participate in our live auctions and on-line auctions through web-sites such as, and  State of Colorado employees will be required to sign a non-conflict of interest certification stating that they were involved with neither the original procurement nor the decision to dispose of the item(s) purchased at CU-Boulder’s public auction.

Internet Sales

Surplus property is also sold via internet auction sites for more information and pictures of items being sold online please check out our listings on the GovDeals online auction website.

Property Services is also able to assist departments in selling high-end electronics and/or lab equipment through various internet auction sites. Departments will receive proceeds made from internet sales. Please contact the Property Services Supervisor (303-492-1120) to arrange for your internet sale of high-end surplus equipment.


Sales Terms and Conditions 

  1. All items offered by the University of Colorado are sold As-Is/Where-Is with no warranty or guarantee either expressed or implied. We make reasonable attempts to make known any condition, of which we are aware, that may adversely affect normal “manufactured for” end use.
  2. The University of Colorado cannot insure nor confirm suitability for purchaser’s final application.
  3. The University of Colorado maintains a strict policy of No Returns or Exchanges.  Purchaser understands and acknowledges that all sales are final. The University of Colorado strongly recommends physically inspecting items or equipment prior to purchase.

Proceeds back to Departments

The percentage of proceeds back to departments is based on the net sale value for each individual item as well as the following thresholds:

$100 To $999.99 - CU Departments keep 51% of proceeds
$1,000 To $4,999.99 - CU Departments keep 78% of proceeds
$5,000 To $9,999.99 - CU Departments keep 85.5% of proceeds
$10,000 and up - CU Departments keep 100% less a $1500 processing fee

Property Services' percentage of sales covers labor, handling, research for fair market value, etc.

The Department of Facilities Management Property Services is responsible for administering the disposition of all surplus property for the Boulder campus.

Click here to review CU Boulder's policy on Surplus Property.

Log in to AssetWorks
CU Boulder handles property disposal through Asset Works, please contact us for user or new department set up. Existing users may click here to log into the Surplus Management System. When you log in the first time: The Customer is: CU The Service is: AMS Asset Management After pressing “Sign In” you will be taken to the login screen where you will use your usual login details. Click here for training videos on using the AssetWorks system

Shawna Stushnoff (303-492-6324) is available to help you with the process of registering your department and creating disposal requests.

If you are planning to donate, trade-in, or cannibalize equipment or if you are planning to surplus capital equipment or equipment or furniture that was purchased with SPA or Grant funds you need to complete the following form: 

If you have items that need hazardous material clearance, download an Environmental Health and Safety Certificate or contact Environmental Health and Safety to certify your equipment is safe for disposal.

Propery Accounting offers an three part Property Manager's Certificate course that covers management of property here at the university, the second session of this training covers property disposal.   The property disposal session covers using the property disposal system, trade-ins, donations, transfers, etc.    The Property Accounting training sessions are normally held in the fall, please contact them to express an interest in training if you do not see this year's sessions referenced below.  Completion of all three sessions will lead to a Departmental Property Manager (DPM) certification if completed within two years. Training and certification is sponsored by CCO, OCG, and Property Services.

Distribution Services is also available to provide the session two Property Disposal Training through out the year, please email to express an interest in training

Contact Shawna Stushnoff 303 492-6324 for further information.

For more information about the training please see:

Click here for definitions for different types of surplus and who to contact.

What happens next . . .

  1. After your disposal request has been entered and authorized in the Surplus Property Management System, property services staff will email the contact person with instructions.
  2. Labels will be sent through campus mail to the person entering the disposal request.  They will also recieve an email notifying them that the labels are on their way, with an advisory to reply to the email once hey have been affixed to all surplus items.
  3. This email advisory notifies Property Services that the items are ready for pick up and prompts us to add the transfer to the queue to schedule the crew to come and remove your surplus.
  4. On average, it takes Property Services six calendar days to pick up a disposal request from the date the department notifies us the tags have been affixed and the items are ready for pick up.
  5. Property Services completes approximately 150 disposal requests each month. The scope of one disposal request can range from a single item to a multiple-truck pick-up.
  6. Property Services is Generally Funded to pick up surplus property on the CU Boulder campus. That means, your surplus items will be picked up at no charge to your department. An exception to this, is our $95 charge for refrigerant reclamation to cover our hazardous materials disposal costs.

We can also help you...

  • Get authorization to cannibalize or trade in old equipment
  • Make a donation to a non-profit organization
  • Transfer research equipment to another institution

If you are doing any of the above three, you do not need to create a disposal request. Please contact our Property Services' Manager (303-492-7207) for assistance.

If you are moving to a new location: To ensure continuing prompt delivery of your mail, please remember to notify Mail and Package Services (303-492-6242) as early as possible before your move.

Surplus Computer Screening

Property Services ensures that all electronics are disposed of responsibly, in accordance with the highest industry standards for sustainability. 100% of the university's surplus electronics are diverted from landfill (approximately 260,000 lbs/year) by our staff.

Property Services staff screen surplus computer equipment; remove, sanitize and destroy data recording media; strip obsolete and non-working components for reclamation and recycling; and sell used computers and their components back to university departments at extremely competitive prices. Please contact us at 303-492-2377 to ask what kind of used equipment we have available for resale.

Please properly recycle/dispose of office items:

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and mercury-containing bulbs: Submit waste tags to EH&S and Facilities Management, or call 303-492-7845 .
  • Rechargeable/Alkaline Batteries: Find information here or call 303-492-7845 for drop-off locations and instructions.
  • Electronics: Please dispose of all state owned electronics through our Surplus Property Management System or call 303-492-6524.
  • Cell phones, MP3s/IPODs and chargers: Drop off at the UMC, Norlin Library, Darley Commons, or mail to 207 UCB.

Please contact CU Recycling (303-492-8307) for other recycling questions.