CUPD’s Public Information Office helps to disseminate emergency alert information, responds to media inquiries, manages content on the CUPD website and shares information about CUPD’s activities and accomplishments in publications including CU Boulder Today, local and national media outlets and on CUPD’s social media channels. Please take some time to browse our media mentions. These media mentions are updated quarterly. 


CU Boulder Today and Other Campus Media:

Jan. 5: CU/BVSD Safety Presentation (Buff Bulletin) 

Jan. 12, 23: Virtual Course Shares Violence Prevention Strategies (CU Boulder Today)

Jan. 12: Winter Weather Info from Emergency Management (Buff Bulletin) 

Jan. 17: Campus delays and closures; what you need to know (CU Boulder Today) 

Local/CO Media:

Jan. 26: CU Boulder Offers Online Course to Prevent Violence (Daily Camera)


CU Boulder Today and Other Campus Media:

Jan. 24 - Campus emergency alerts now available in Spanish, Chinese and more (Staff Council Newsletter)

Jan. 27 - Joint Statement from Boulder County Law Enforcement on Death of Tyre Nichols

Feb. 2 - When faculty, staff notice behaviors of concern

Feb. 2 - When students, faculty and staff notice behaviors of concern

 Feb. 15 - Expressing our condolences to Michigan State; emphasizing resources, preparedness

Feb. 20 - Police presence continues at Millennium Hotel

Feb. 22 - CUPD Assists BPD in response to reported incident at Boulder High School

Feb. 22 - What to know about how campus emergency notifications work

Feb. 22 - Resources to navigate emergencies

Feb. 24/28 - Test of CU Boulder alert system postponed 

Feb. 28 - Download Guardian safety app with update

March 1 - CU Boulder and Boulder Police chiefs address recent off-campus incidents

March 8 - CU Boulder police leverage grant for recruiting, retaining officers (also appeared in IACLEA News Bulletin)

March 14 - Emergency alerts updates, resources (SRS Newsletter) 

March 20 - Alerts system test scheduled

March 22 - New Community Oversight Review Board member brings student voice to police

April 4 - CUPD alerts and trainings (Staff Council Newsletter)

April 4 - Emergency alerts now available to students in languages other than English

April 12 - New designation to recognize CU Boulder, system dispatchers (also featured in CU Connections)

April 19 - Safety and violence prevention partners to collaborate on stopping identity-based harm

April 26 - Use Safe2Tell as an anonymous option to report threats, potential violence

April 28 - Plan for increased traffic, parking congestion May 11-13

May 1 - Campus Kids Day comes with cuteness overload (CUPD represented)

May 5 - 4 things everyone should know about xylazine

May 8 - Assessment team invites public comment as CUPD seeks national accreditation

May 20 - Campuswide building access updates

June 5 - All Clear: Project expands emergency alert language options (System blog)  

June 16 - Recording of active harmer response class available

June 21 - Use caution when tubing, recreating in and around Boulder Creek 

June 26 - Concerts, drone show July 1-4 to bring excitement and crowds 

July 7 - Police, researchers use grant to develop new tools to better assess the risk of targeted violence

July 10 - Colorado law student inspires change in CUPD (Summer issue Coloradan Alumni Magazine) 

July 12 - Police to focus on more inclusive, accurate language to describe suspects

July 17 - Innovative license plate reader technology now in use on CU Boulder campus

Aug. 24 - Expanded Emergency Notification Area Moves Out of Pilot Phase

Aug. 28 - CUPD Provides 24/7 Support

Aug. 29 - Welcome from CU Boulder and Boulder Police Chiefs

Aug. 30 - Support When Traumatic Incidents Occur at Other Schools

Sept. 3 - CU Police Sent Out Safety Alert Regarding Burglaries (CU Independent)

Sept. 5 - CU Police First in County to Launch Text Message Satisfaction Survey Tool

Sept. 15 - CU Boulder Police First in County to Earn National Accreditation 

Oct. 5 - Former Football Player Back on Field in Different Uniform 

Oct. 12 - CU Boulder Researchers, Police Build Framework for Violence Prevention

Oct. 17 - Mother and Son Serve Together as CU Boulder Police Officers

Nov. 1: CU Police Department Earns National Accreditation (CU Independent - also appeared in IACLEA Weekly Bulletin) 

Nov. 22: Community Safety Event (CU Boulder Today)

Dec. 1: Test of CU Boulder Alert System Set for Dec. 5 (CU Boulder Today)

Dec. 6: Office of Victim Assistance, CUPD Collaborate on Embedded Position (CU Boulder Today)

Local/CO News:

Jan. 30 - Boulder County Law Enforcement Agencies Release Joint Statement (Daily Camera) 

Feb. 20 - University and Boulder Police Respond to Shots Fired at Millennium Hotel (CU Independent) 

Feb. 23 - Boulder High Evacuated After Call to CUPD (Daily Camera) Other mentions: FOX31, CPR, Boulder Reporting Lab, Denver Post,  Colorado Springs Gazette, KRDO, KOAA and CU Independent

Feb. 23 - Public safety agencies respond to east campus (CU Independent)

Feb. 27 - Man taken to hospital after shooting near CU Boulder Other mentions: FOX31, CBS Colorado and CU Independent

April 14 - 911 Dispatchers at CU Boulder Designated as First Responders (Daily Camera) 

April 18 - Regents committee discusses concealed carry on campus; Chiefs speak (9News)

April 21 - Memorial tree honoring CU Boulder student vandalized (Daily Camera) Other mentions: Fox 31 and Yahoo

April 25  - CUPD issues alert after attempted armed robbery at Williams Village; no injuries (CU Independent)

April 25 - Shots fired during attempted robbery at CU Boulder (Fox 31) Other mentions: 9News, Denver7, CBS Colorado and Denver Post

April 26 - CU Boulder Police investigate attempted armed robbery (Daily Camera)

May 16 - CUPD receives grant to increase DEI training, mental wellness, community outreach (Daily Camera)

June 19 - CU Boulder Police warns about job scams impacting students and recent grads (CBS4) Other mentions: Daily Camera.

June 19 - CU Boulder Police re-accredited for evidence management certificate (Daily Camera)

June 23 - CU Boulder Police search for assault suspect Friday morning (Denver 7) Other mentions: Fox31

June 26 - Police holding high school active shooter training this week in Boulder (Daily Camera)

June 28 - Expect 4th of July traffic at CU Boulder for Dead & Company concert, drone show (Daily Camera) 

July 5 - Boulder to hold international police summit (BizWest)

July 11 - CU Boulder Police develop new violence prevention tool (Daily Camera)

July 12 - Bear tranquilized, relocated from CU Boulder campus (Daily Camera) Other mentions: CBS Colorado, Fox31, 9News and UPI

July 18 - CU Boulder Police training to improve inclusivity, accuracy in suspect descriptions (Daily Camera)

July 20 - License plate reader technology utilized on CU Boulder campus (Daily Camera)

July 26 - CU Boulder Police launching license plate reader technology (9News) 

Aug. 3 - Boulder Fire-Rescue conducting mock resuce with crane on University Hill (Daily Camera)

Aug. 9 - Boulder Hosts International Police Conference (9News)

Aug. 10 - Bike Theft Safety Tips (Fox 31) 

Aug. 12 - Editorial Board: CU Police Training to Use More Inclusive Language (Daily Camera)

Aug. 3 - Boulder Fire-Rescue Conducts Mock Rescue with Crane on University Hill (Daily Camera) 

Aug. 9 - Boulder Hosts International Policing Conference (9News) 

Aug. 10 - CU Boulder Police Offer Tips to Prevent Bike Theft (Fox 31) 

Aug. 12 - Training CU Police to Use More Inclusive Language (Daily Camera - Editorial Board Opinion Section) 

Aug. 25 - CU Boulder Expands Emergency Notifications to Certain Off-Campus Neighborhoods (Daily Camera) 

Sept. 27 - CU Police Earns National Accreditation (Daily Camera)

Oct. 23 - CUPD Earns National Accreditation (CU Independent) 

Nov. 29: All in the Family: Mother and Son Join CUPD (Daily Camera) 

Dec. 10: “That Builds Trust.” CU Boulder Police Chief Embodies Public Service (Daily Camera)

Dec. 18: Advocate in CU Boulder Police Department Supports Crime Victims (Daily Camera and CU Connections) 

National/Industry News:

Feb. 13 - CU Boulder Police Chief: 8 Tips on Campus Security Upgrades, Communication

Feb. 21 - 1 Arrested AFter Shots Fired at Colorado Hotel; No Injuries

April 13 - Agencies support 30x30 initiative (Police Magazine)

April 17 - CUPD Hosts Coffee with Cop; Meets Future Buff (PERF Clips Photo of the Day):

July 26 - CU Police use new protocol to help with violence prevention (IACLEA News Bulletin share of Daily Camera story)

July 26 - CU Police lauching new program to help deter and investigate crime (IACLEA News Bulletin share of CU Boulder Today story)

July 26 - CU Police will soon train officers on how to use more inclusive, accurate language in emergency alerts and suspect descriptions (IACLEA News Bulletin share of Daily Camera story)

Aug. 2 - The Snowball Effect (Police Chief Magazine)

Aug. 2 - Colorado Law Student Inspires Change in CUPD (IACLEA News Bulletin share of Coloradan Alumni Magazine story, also shared by CU Boulder Law School) 

Aug. 11 - CU Boulder Police develop new violence prevention tool (IACLEA News Bulletin share of Daily Camera story) 

Aug. 11 - CU Boulder Police launch new program to help deter and investigate crime (IACLEA News Bulletin share of CU Boulder Today story)

Aug. 11 - CU Boulder Police train on more inclusive, accurate language in emergency alerts, suspect descriptions (IACLEA News Bulletin share of Daily Camera story) 

Aug. 11 - CUPD and the Culture of Trust (Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities Podcast)

Aug. 28 - Welcome Week at CU Boulder (PERF Clips Photo of the Day) 

Sept. 7 - Transforming Police Culture (Police Chief Magazine) 

Sept. 19 - Mitigating Risk at Large Events - CU Police Feature (Police Magazine)

Sept. 27 - Combatting Recruiting Challenges with Increased Training, Mental Health Resources, Outreach Efforts (FBI-Leeda Insighter Magazine, page 18)

Oct. 18 - Mother/Son Duo Join CU Boulder Police Force, Enhancing Campus Safety (NewsBreak)

Oct. 24 - CU Boulder Police Focus on Ethics, Role of Law Enforcement in New Training

Nov. 1: What You Do Matters Training (IACLEA News Bulletin share of CU Boulder Today story) 

Nov. 1: CUPD Earns National Accreditation (IACLEA News Bulletin share of CU Independent story) 

Nov. 15: CUPD Community Engagement: Diwali (X and PERF Clips) 

Nov. 27: IACLEA Welcomes Newly-Accredited Agencies (p. 14, IACLEA Journal, Fall 2023) 

Dec. 20: Perspectives: How Does Your Agency Partner with Key Stakeholders to Serve the Community? (Police Chief Magazine, Dec. 2023)  


Feb. 6: Campus police respond to calls during Marshall Fire

Feb 9: CUPD commander to become Pac-12's 5th female police chief

Mar. 1: CUPD to host free active harmer classes

Mar. 1: Don't ignore it, report it

Mar. 12: CUPD donates body armor to help Ukrainian citizen soldiers

Mar. 14: CUPD to host regional training during spring break

Mar. 15: Enjoy St. Patrick's Day and spring break safely, responsibly

Mar. 16: CU Boulder to students: party safely

Mar. 18: CU Boulder to host police training on East Campus next week

Mar. 18: CUPD investigating motor vehicle theft and robbery on campus

Mar. 21: Police arrest man connected to campus car theft

Mar. 22: Suspect in Friday's vehicle theft and robber arrested, jailed

Mar. 24: Doreen Jokerst: How to ensure personal safety on and off campus at CU Boulder

Mar. 28: After South Campus evacuation, NCAR fire 90% contained, campus to resume classes as planned after spring break 

Mar. 31: CUPD earn grant; Campus embarks on security audit, upgrades

April 5: Police issue warning about scam targeting Venmo users, other payment apps

April 6: Community oversight board seeks new members

April 15: 30x30 Initiative program expansion, Chief Jokerst and others share why they signed the pledge

April 21: New deputy chief to focus on increasing student, community engagement

April 29: CU Boulder begins multi-year security update to enhance campus safety

May 6: Crisis response teams train at Folsom Field

May 9: CU Boulder Police to host crisis response, sniper teams training 

May 11: Folsom Field sniper training (CBS4)

May 11: Police sniper crisis response team live ammo training (9News)

May 11: Law enforcement agencies gather for emergency response training (Denver Gazette) 

May 11: CU Boulder Police host crisis response training (Fox 31) 

June 2: Police department shares summer reading pick (also in IACLEA Bulletin)

June 7: Police focus on trauma-informed interview techniques 

June 28: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion update (Pride month participation)

June 30: CUPD supports cultural change through active bystander program 

July 6: CUPD recruits largest class of cadets

July 23: Police intervention training gains momentum (NewsNation)

July 26: CU Boulder police begin training (Colorado Daily)  

Aug. 3: CUPD Engages in ABLE Training (IACLEA Bulletin)

Aug. 16: Tips and Reminders for Safe Fall Semester

Aug. 18: Sexual Assault Investigation and Safety Tips

Aug. 19: CUPD Embedded Victim Advocate Program (9News) 

Aug. 22: CUPD Hands out Free Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Kits and also featured on Fox31 

Aug. 24: Back to School Reminders to Keep Your Information Secure

Aug. 24: Mapping Bike Theft (Boulder Reporting Lab)

Aug. 24: One Mind Spotlight (IACP) 

Aug. 25: Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Kit Reminder(Fox31) and also featured on CBS4

Aug. 29: Update on Sexual Assault

Aug. 29: CU Embarks on Simultaneous Campus Safety Projects (Campus Law Enforcement Journal - p. 65) 

Sept. 2: CUPD Offers Active Harmer Response Classes and here

Sept. 12: CU Boulder to Test Alerts System

Sept. 14: CU Boulder Rolls Out New Alerts Site, Notification Level

Sept. 19: What to Know About CU Boulder’s Redesigned Alerts Site (CU Independent) 

Sept. 21: CU to Contribute to National Overdose Map

Sept. 28: CUPD Hosts 30x30 Listening Session (30x30 News)

Oct. 2: Boulder Police Search for Suspects in University Hill Shooting

Oct. 7: Police Chiefs Issue Updates on Shooting on Hill

Oct. 7: CUSG Leaders Meet CU Police Chief 

Oct. 12: CUPD ABLE Training (Denver7) 

Oct. 14: Why No Text Alert for Shooting on Hill?

Oct. 14: CUPD Embraces Transparency, Launches Crime Data Dashboard

Oct. 19: CUPD Searches for Sexual Assault Suspect (Denver7) 

Oct. 20: CUPD Installs Camera on University Hill and also featured on Fox 31

Oct. 21: When Faculty, Staff Notice Behaviors of Concern

Oct. 25: Join CUPD in Upcoming  Wellness Activities

Oct. 26: Be More Aware - Push Notifications for Alerts

Oct. 26: CUPD Engages in Disability Training (CBS4) 

Nov. 2: CUPD Investigates Vandalism at CU South (Daily Camera) 

 Nov. 8 - CU Boulder students, employees to be added to countywide alerts system

Nov. 14 - When students, faculty and staff notice behaviors of concern

Nov. 15 - CU Boulder piloting expanded emergency notification area for campus community  

Nov. 17: CU Pilots Expansion of Alert Area (CU Independent) and also featured on 9News

Nov. 19: CU Enhances Alerts (CBS4) 

Nov. 23: Back to Basics but Thinking Outside the Box (Police Chief Magazine) 

Nov. 30 - Coming soon: opt to receive emergency alerts in Spanish, Chinese and more

Dec. 5 - Chief Jokerst’s recommendation for winter reading

Dec. 6 - FSAP counselors certified to help first responders

Dec. 13 - Understanding bias, engaging with people with disabilities focus of new police training 

Dec. 14: First Responder Mental Health Focus (IACLEA Bulletin) and also featured in FBI-LEEDA Magazine

Dec. 23 - CUPD’s donation to Ukraine among features highlighted in year-end wrap 

Dec. 31 - CUPD Wrapped video on YouTube 


Alert system test scheduled for Dec. 20: What to know about alerts | CU Boulder Today

CUPD strengthens communication skills through intensive 3-day training | CU Boulder Today

CUPD to host several law enforcement agencies for training Dec. 6–10 | CU Boulder Today

CUPD to host free active harmer response classes Nov. 30, Dec. 1 | CU Boulder Today

CU Boulder paves way for Pac-12 schools to increase women in policing

Updated events, activities policy announced; Organizers urged to plan ahead | CU Boulder Today | University of Colorado Boulder

CU sergeant awarded for bringing domestic violence lethality program to county

Campus leaders issue letter addressing sexual assault and misconduct | CU Boulder Today

Bait Bike program returns, keeps would-be thieves guessing | CU Boulder Today  

$1.2 million grant focuses on violence education, awareness on campus | CU Boulder Today  

CU Boulder police complete initiative to better connect community to mental health resources  

CUPD first university police department to earn SCS property, evidence accreditation | CU Boulder Today  

Embedded clinician rides along to help students facing mental health challenges | CU Boulder Today | University of Colorado Boulder  

Office of Victim Assistance, CUPD collaborate on new embedded position | CU Boulder Today

From Chief Jokerst: Remembering Sept. 11 | Police Department | University of Colorado Boulder

Police Chiefs Doreen Jokerst, Maris Herold: Welcome, Buffs! | CU Boulder Today  

CU Boulder hosting police training at Williams Village next week

CU Boulder police join Pac-12 pledge to recruit more female officers

Friends On and Off the Job -

University Of Colorado Police Department Signs Pledge To Hire More Female Officers – CBS Denver    

CU Boulder launches violence education, prevention program – Colorado Daily

CU students march to protest reported sexual assaults at off-campus frat house

CU Boulder addresses sexual assault allegations at frat in lengthy letter

CU Boulder students given shelter-in-place order after shots fired near campus

CU police respond to report of shots fired near campus; no one injured

Partygoers on Pearl Street Mall cause significant damage to businesses; police trying to identify vandals

Fixing policing means recruiting, retaining more women, advocates say | KUNC     

Person seriously injured in assault after CU/Arizona game | FOX31 KDVR  

Boulder Fire 'cautiously optimistic' there were no fatalities in massive condo fire on Pearl Street  

University of Colorado Boulder campus vandalized with offensive messages  

CU Boulder campus crime decreased in 2020

Police departments struggle to hire, cash incentives attracting officers from other departments  

CU renews, extends police chief's contract for five years  

Leadership Frontiers Podcast | Center for Leadership | University of Colorado Boulder 

NewsTeamBoulder 14 Oct  2021 

KVCU Radio 1190 (Interview at 6:05)

NewsTeam Boulder 7 Oct 2021 (Top Story)