Published: Oct. 20, 2022

In response to input from local residents, students and parents for more visible policing in the University Hill neighborhood, public safety officials are taking a targeted approach to reducing crime, adding a remote camera, more police on the streets and increased communications. 

“We hear you, and we appreciate your engagement,” said CU Boulder Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety and Chief of Police Doreen Jokerst. “We are taking immediate action to assist Boulder Police in monitoring crime near campus, and to share information on off-campus crimes  as soon as it’s confirmed by the lead agency.” 

Two photos of the new blue light camera on University Hill

The new surveillance camera, equipped with a loudspeaker and a flashing, blue light, will help police better issue safety instructions, monitor activity and identify suspects in the immediate vicinity.

Chief Jokerst and Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold updated the campus community on efforts to combat crime and keep residents informed of significant incidents near campus, including in the University Hill neighborhood. 

Efforts include immediate, increased police patrols from both agencies as staffing and calls for service allow and greater collaboration with Boulder Police to share information during emergency incidents near campus. The most visible addition to the evolving, cooperative plan to combat crime is a surveillance camera and loudspeaker atop a pole with a flashing, blue light.

The tower camera, which has the capability to both livestream and record footage, was placed in a CU Boulder-owned parking lot on 13th Street just west of Broadway this week. The surveillance device, which is equipped with a loudspeaker for audible safety messages and a floodlight that can be activated remotely, will help police better issue safety instructions, monitor activity and identify suspects in the immediate vicinity.

CU Boulder continues to educate students, faculty and staff about its three levels of emergency notifications, outlined on the alerts website. CUPD is partnering with student government leaders on the release of a series of educational videos. Alerts information is also being displayed at CU Boulder athletic events, including football games.

In the wake of an Oct. 2 shooting on University Hill, CU Boulder issued a CU Advisory, amplifying information from Boulder Police. CU advisories are for non-emergency events/incidents on campus or both emergency and non-emergency events off campus that could potentially impact campus, such as extended power failures, building evacuations, sudden road closures or other traffic/construction impacts on or near campus, as well as police activity near campus.