Published: Nov. 10, 2021
Buffs on the Hill concert

Planning an event on campus? The updated Events and Activities Policy and related guidance policies are being shared with the campus community, and the takeaway is: the earlier, the better to ensure the approval and success of on-campus events.

Between COVID-19-induced supply chain delays and staffing shortages, event planners may find it difficult to secure resources such as fencing, lighting, staffing and third-party security. “We recommend planning at least one to two months in advance, especially for larger events,” said Andrea Zelinko, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs. 

Highlights of the updated policy include:

  • Event management forms (EMFs) must be submitted at least 10 business days before an event, if required for the event.  Early submission of EMFs is strongly encouraged. 
  • Event and/or activity hosts must confirm all required resources for an event or activity at least 10 business days prior to the event.
  • EMFs are required for events with minors, VIPs, non-affiliates (independent of talent) and/or invited media, events in indoor spaces with capacities of 150 or greater, outdoor events, and as required by the venue.  
  • EMFs must be approved prior to the event.

Dan Jones, associate vice chancellor for integrity, safety and compliance at CU Boulder, said updates reflect the ever-evolving policies––some of which were changed as part of campus’s emergency response to COVID-19 restrictions. Even as the institution emerges from the pandemic, Jones says it’s still necessary to have better awareness and coordination of events occurring on campus.  “The updates will help ensure a safe environment, as well as availability of other campus resources,” he said. 

As a reminder, CU Boulder will host in-person, on-campus activities, events and gatherings in accordance with applicable campus policies and public health guidelines. At this time, indoor events do not have capacity limits from a public health lens, but event planners are highly encouraged to check local and state mandates. 

The Events and Activities Policy includes a link to a guidance document that can help event organizers understand the event approval process, learn about some relevant policies, and identify campus partners they can work with in their planning process.

The updated policies should be finalized in 2022.