Published: Oct. 7, 2022

2 landscape cusg chief

CUSG met with CU Boulder Police Chief Doreen Jokerst this week to learn more about CU Boulder’s alert process and to share student feedback about the University Hill shooting early Sunday morning, 10/2. Chief Jokerst was extremely appreciative and explained the university is working collaboratively with the city of Boulder to evaluate notification processes and procedures, ensuring students have access to the most timely and accurate sources of information during emergency incidents.


Thank you to all the students, staff, and faculty who shared their concerns and questions with CUSG before this meeting. For more information, please view CU Boulder Today's article.


When an emergency incident occurs off-campus, the university directs students, staff, and faculty to the best source of information: the responding law enforcement agency. To get more information about emergency notifications for off-campus incidents, sign up for countywide emergency alerts.


On 10/2, CU Boulder amplified social media messages from BPD and continued to share information throughout the morning on the CU Police Department and CU Boulder Alerts Twitter accounts. CU Boulder also shared details released by BPD on the alerts website in the form of a CU Advisory. Here's more information on this new tier of notification, including how, when, and why the campus sends CU Advisories and how to receive CU Advisories. CU Advisories are posted on the alerts website and shared via social media.