Published: Jan. 27, 2023

Joint Statement from CU Boulder Police, Boulder Police, Louisville Police, Lafayette Police, Longmont Public Safety, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office

As public servants dedicated to protecting human life, seeking the truth and pursuing justice under the law, we are sickened and disheartened by the actions of the five Memphis police officers and two fire medics involved in the death of Tyre Nichols after a traffic stop earlier this month.

The officers were fired for violating policies that our agencies have in place and hold dear, including those governing excessive use of force, duty to intervene and duty to render aid. We condemn these officers’ actions and continue our ongoing commitment to training our officers in de-escalation, communication and ensuring the sanctity of human life is at the core of every interaction. 

We are committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards and we hold accountable anyone who violates department policies. For that reason, we have a multi-agency team that conducts independent investigations on use of force incidents in which any law enforcement officer uses deadly or potentially deadly physical force. Boulder County’s team protocol is broader than that required by state law, which is limited to incidents involving the discharge of a firearm by a peace officer that results in injury or death.  We are fully committed to investigating and prosecuting criminal acts committed by any person, without fear or favor.

As news of criminal charges against the Memphis officers becomes more widely known and images are shared, we will continue to engage with the community in an open and honest dialogue. We continue to work together to enact reform efforts so everyone in the community, regardless of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or any other status, feels safe and heard. And we commit to ongoing efforts to increase trust and build relationships. 

Please reach out to any of us with concerns or questions. 


Doreen Jokerst, Chief of Police, CU Boulder Police Department, 303-492-8168

Maris Herold, Chief of Police, Boulder Police Department, 303-441-3333

Jeff Fisher, Interim Chief of Police, Louisville Police Department, 303-335-4635

Rick Bashor, Chief of Police, Lafayette Police Department, 303-665-5571

Zach Ardis, Longmont Public Safety Chief, 303-651-8555

Curtis Johnson, Boulder County Sheriff, 303-441-3600 

Michael Dougherty, District Attorney, 20th Judicial District, 303-441-3700