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Thank you for your interest in the Golden Buffalo Marching Band!

To join the GBMB:
1. Fill out this form to join

2. Upload your demonstration video/s by [EXTENDED TO] June 15, 2021 to the "Join Now" form or send an unlisted YouTube link of your video to: goldenbuffalomb@gmail.com

(here is an example: GBMB Demonstration Video)

Drumline and Colorguard members should be in contact with Jake Euler and Kirsten Huffman regarding audition materials and videos to be uploaded by June 15, 2021.

We will send you more information by mid-July to your home address. Make sure to have band camp dates of (**UPDATED**) August 15-21, 2021 in your calendar. Move-in for new members is on Sunday, August 15, 2021.

There are separate auditions for the Drumline and Feature Twirlers. Colorguard requirements are described below.


If you would like to be a part of the 2021 CU Colorguard, please complete the "Join Now" form at the link above and email Kirsten Huffman, CU's Colorguard Instructor.

The University of Colorado Colorguard performs with the University of Colorado Golden Buffalo Marching Band at all home football games. In addition to performing at the games, the Guard performs at all spirit and pep events to support the football team, including several away trips, bowl games and at Pearl Street Stampedes. The colorguard rehearses during the fall with the marching band on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 5:20-7:20 p.m.(UPDATED TIMES FOR FALL 2021), in addition to an hour and a half sectional rehearsal each week. Saturday's are usually reserved for game day rehearsals and performances. The members of the CU Colorguard major in all different areas of study, including engineering, and are still able to participate in winterguard activities as well as different campus clubs and groups.

We spin many types of flags, but specialize in 6' flags and swing flags.  The guard also incorporates all types of dance in our shows, pulling inspiration from ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical styles. 

Performing in Folsom Stadium is just one of the many perks of being in the guard! In addition to performances, members enjoy free trips, food, fun events and Nike warm-ups among other things. The members of the guard also become a very close knit group of friends who often study together and go out on the weekends!

2021 Colorguard Camps

  • Thursday, August 12 from 9am-4pm

Location: Farrand, Imig Music Building, CU Boulder campus

Location: Farrand Field, CU Boulder campus

Audition Information

There will be no formal auditions for the 2021 season. However, each person interested in participating will be required to submit a video recording including your name, CU degree program and school, prior experience level and motivation for wanting to be a CU Colorguard member. This video must be submitted by July 1st to set the 2021 CU Colorguard roster. For specific details on what should be included on your video, please visit the Prospective Members for CU Colorguard Facebook page.

Feature Twirler

Twirlers who are interested in auditioning for a feature twirler position with the University of Colorado “Golden Buffalo” Marching Band should submit the following items via email by March 5, 2021.

  • Band Application
  • Resume of twirling/school career
  • Two personal references, please include full name, phone number, and your relationship (a twirling coach for one is preferred)
  • Recent digital photo in your costume
  • Competitive solo level attained (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Video showing a variety of examples of twirling performances in the last 12 months. Samples can be from high school twirling, competitions, performances, or twirling at home. Team or individual performances are acceptable. Please submit video to YouTube and share a private link in your email submission.

Please submit the above to Dr. Matthew Dockendorf at: matthew.dockendorf@colorado.edu

CU Feature Twirler Auditions

After receiving your initial application, you will be notified if you are invited to audition for a CU Feature Twirler position. Auditions will be held on TBD on the CU Boulder Campus.You must be accepted to the university in order to audition.

For the audition, twirlers should be prepared for the following:

  • 2:00-3:00 minute routine choreographed to the music of your choice showcasing your 1, 2, and 3 baton skills
  • 30-second fight song routine (CU fight song will be provided to all applicants)
  • Interview with judging panel

You will be judged on difficulty, technique, execution, “crowd appeal”, effective interpretation of musical selection, variety, and showmanship. Your fight song routine should showcase your performance skills more than your twirling difficulty. Make it showy and entertaining for a football stadium.

Candidates should include as many of the twirler preferred skills in their routine as possible. Candidates should wear a twirling costume with performance hair and make up done.

*It may be possible to do a video audition if you are unable to travel to Colorado for the audition date.

Preferred Skills

  • 2 and 3 spins (vertical and horizontal)
  • toss illusion
  • toss walkover or cartwheel
  • rolls
  • 2 baton combos
  • 3 baton combos
  • grand jeté
  • advanced understanding of bodywork and dance

CU Feature Twirler Expectations

CU Feature Twirlers will be expected to choreograph two individual routines and one group routine with the other feature twirler(s) for each marching band show. It is expected that twirlers will purchase a costume and shoes on their own. They should provide their own batons. They will also purchase additional clothing apparel (shorts, shirts, sweats, etc.).

There will be 1-3 feature twirlers selected for Fall 2021.

For More Information

Please direct all questions regarding the audition process to:

Dr. Matthew Dockendorf

Director, “Golden Buffalo” Marching Band

University of Colorado Boulder



If you have any questions regarding the preferred twirling skills or routine choreography, please contact Mindy Hurd at 303-325-4764 or via email: Mindy.Hurd@Colorado.edu


2021 Auditions:

All auditions will be done by video submission for 2021. Anyone intending to audition for the CU Drumline should commit and send a video audition by [EXTENDED TO] Tuesday June 15 (GBMB Signing Day) with their 1st and 2nd preference of instrument placement. Please make sure the video is of good visual/audio quality and shows both the feet and the hands during your playing. By completing the form, you are making a full commitment to be a part of all CU Drumline activities this summer, including auditions, and through the fall 2021 season.

2021 Drumline Summer Clinics:

Summer Drum Clinics are free, open to the public, and will focus on different aspects of the Audition Materials and Packet. All prospective members will be required to attend all clinics and camps. Anyone who has declared their intent to commit by Tuesday, June 15, 2021 (GBMB Signing Day) but who are unable to attend scheduled summer clinics in June and July (below) will be expected to submit a video recorded assignment to staff on set exercises as a check-in at the start of that camp. Contact Head Drumline Instructor, Jake Euler for more details on this option.

  • Thursday, August 12 from 9am-4pm

Location: Imig Music Building, CU Boulder campus

The 2021 audition materials include:

An instrument / equipment fee of $40 will be required by all who commit and audition onto the 2021 CU Drumline. This fee covers usage, maintenance, and any necessary materials needed to play.

Contact Head Drumline Instructor, Jake Euler