Thank you.

With grateful appreciation, we publish here the names of all individual and corporate supporters of the College of Music from July 1, 2018 to Aug. 15, 2019 (contributions of $250 and above). Your generous contributions represent a significant investment in the future of music and allow the college ot build on its tradition of excellence.

Every effort has been made to present this list as accurately as possible; if there is an error or omission, please contact Emily Chesnic at 303-492-3054.


Laurie Hathorn
John Hedderich
David and Suzanne Hoover
Meg Moritz
Becky Ruttenberg


Joanna and Mark Rosenblum


Sue and Barry Baer
Brad Ellins and Tonya Jilling
Jack Finlaw and Greg Movesian
David Fulker and Nicky Wolman
Grace and Gordon Gamm
Doree Hickman
Gregory Lefferdink
Jean Hammond Macferran
Richard and Marjorie McIntosh
Becky Roser and Ron Stewart
Daniel and Boyce Sher
Doug and Sandy Tashiro
The Dr. C. W. Bixler Family Foundation
Jeannie and Jack Thompson


Kristina and Paul Eklund
Gary and Judith Judd
Mikhy and Mike Ritter


Jan Burton
Patricia Butler
Abel Chavez
Anne Culver
Martha Coffin Evans and Robert Trembly
Ben and Patricia Nelson
Ann Oglesby
Michael Ortlip and Allison Callicott
Valerie and Scott Ray
Daniel Ringoen
David Ringoen
Peg and Chuck Rowe
Firuzeh and Navid Saidi
Frank Spaid
Janette and Alan Stanek
Alan and Martha Stormo
Greg Temmer
The Clinton Family Fund
The Louis and Harold Price Foundation
Liz and Ernest Verrill
Karina and Chas Wetherbee
Jim and Nurit Wolf


Bettina Baruch Foundation
Douglas Bolin
Charlotte Corbridge
Frank and Gina Day
Steve Dilts
Dick Dunn
William Elliott FDN LLC
Galen & Ada Belle Spencer Foundation
Robert Graham
John and Sandra Heyer
Kent Hickman
Horejsi Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Bruce and Kyongguen Johnson
Bob and Alice Korenblat
Beth and William Mondzac
Martha and David Peercy
Kathryn Riddle Penzkover and David Penzkover
Alice and Leonard Perlmutter Foundation
Christopher and Kimberly Riddle
Dorothy Riddle
SeiSolo Foundation
The Academy Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Dorothy and Anthony Riddle Family Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation
The Schramm Foundation
Judy and Robert Waterman


Janet Ackermann and Scott Wiesner
Pamela Barsam Brown and Stan Brown
Kate Berenson
Ed Berman
Boulder CPA Group
Shirley and Joseph Burford
Jane Byers
Bob and Judy Charles
Brent and Dana Cohen
Debbie and Dan Day
John Dunham and Alison Blackman
Elevations Credit Union
Ella Gayle Hamlin Foundation
John and Xan Fischer
Jonathan and Shari Fox
Anne and Jon Halverson
Gene Harsh
Hurdle’s Jewelry
James & Associates, LLC
Daryl and Kay James
Caryl and David Kassoy
Mary Lamy
Steve and Jayne Miller
Susan Olenwine and Dr. Frank Palermo
O’Neal Family Foundation
Paul Bechtner Foundation
Deborah and Larry Preble
Roxanne Reff
Janet and David Robertson
gReg Silvus
Karen and Stein Sture
Steven and Barbara Taniguchi
Marion Thurnauer and Alexander Trifunac
Viola Vestal Coulter Foundation
Lynn Waelde and Ashok Srivastava


Paul and Jane Baryames
Ingrid Becher
Gary and Karina Berg
Christopher and Margot Brauchli
Chris and Barbara Christoffersen
Deb and Randy Coffin
Madeline Day
P.J. Decker and B.A. Saperstein
Denver Lyric Opera Guild
Norma Ekstrand
Lauren Frear
Michael Garrett and Loretta Cummings
Marcia and Dave Green
Ruth Carmel Kahn
Carol Lena Kovner
Krista Marks and Brent Milne
Russell and Stacy Moore
Lin Murphy
Carol-Ann and Al Olson
Linda and W. Joseph Paule
Louise Pearson and Grant Couch
Margaret and Rodolfo Perez
Takács String Quartet
The Presser Foundation
The Seaver Institute
Daniel Trump
Barbara Wagner
Ann and Gary Yost


Anonymous (4)
Chris Alper
Ted and Debbie Appel
Charlene Archibeque
Nadia Artman
Peter Barbieri
Kristen Bednar
Benson Mineral Group, Inc.
Marcy and Bruce Benson
Lisa and Steven Berley
Cathy and Richard Berman
Sue Blessing
Boulder Valley Chapter of the American Wine Society
Joan McLean Braun
Thomas and Mimi Brosh
Marilyn Brown and Graeme Forbes
Marc and Joan Buie
Sue Cass
Thomas and Carol Cech
Center Copy Printing, Inc.
Margot Crowe
Mike Dorsey and Carolyn Buck
Dr. Arnold Dunn, PhD
Dianna and Brad Ekstrand
Carol Frank and Tad Frysinger Frasier
Michael and Carol Gallucci
Lloyd and Mary Gelman
Alex George and Yi-Ting Hsu
Steve and Aileen Gleason
Fred Gluck and Andrea Rhodes
Herman Goellnitz
James and Laura Graham
Dave Grusin and Nan Newton
William Hayes
Judith Hunter and Charles Platt
Robert Hurrell
Ruth and Richard Irvin
Madeleine Johnson and Frank Redmond
Carol and Tony Keig
Harold and Joan Leinbach
Arthur Lieb
Lorna Lynn and Harold Palevsky
T. Scott and Janet Martin
Leonard McCain
Bruce and Lanelle McKay
John and Maggie McKune
Amanda Miles
Alyssa Moody
Elene and Thomas Mooney
Valorie Goodall Mooney and William Mooney
Norma Morin-Voilleque and Paul Voilleque
Alice Norton
Tim and Mary O’Brien
Michael O’Brien
Riley O’Toole
Randy Parella
John Peterson
Joel and Vivianne Pokorny
Tana and Joe Rocco, Jr.
Fran Rominger
Elizabeth and Michael Scholl
Toni and Douglas Shaller
Robert Shay and Kathryn Lowerre
Carol and Arthur Smoot
Helen Stone
Lynn Streeter
Terri and David Stringfellow
Kathleen Sullivan
Evelyn Taylor
John and Carson Taylor
Nancy Taylor and Matthew Rankin
Tebo Development Co.
Stephen Tebo
Lawrence and Ann Brennan Thomas
Clifford and Lynn Thygesen
Tyler Little Family Foundation
Mary Tyler
Peter Wall
Vivian Wilson
Margaret and Chet Winter


Anonymous (2)
Margaret and James Austin
Kathleen Badovinatz
Carol Batchelder
Elizabeth Bayne
Vivian and Norman Belmonte
Margaret and Gregory Berg
Judy and Neil Bicknell
Dean and Ellen Boal
Margaret and Rodney Boudreaux
Eileen and Kenneth Cavanaugh
Pauline and Noel Clark
Mary and Elvis Coble
Dawn and Michael Collison
Karen Connolly
Alison Craig and Stephen Trainor
Jeanie Davis
Barbara Dixon and Timothy Caldwell
Katie Dugan
Brad Ellison
eQuilter Inc
Carolyn and Don Etter
Jon Finson
Diane and Niles Flanders
Senja Foster
Francis Frazier
Linda Giedl
Donald Gingrich
Lois and Thomas Godfrey
Cynthia and Richard Grubb
Anne Heinz and Ran Yaron
V. R. Hoisington
Elizabeth Hoops
Brenda and Yoshiyuki Ishikawa
Sandra and Michael Karpuk
Robert Kehoe
Jacquie and James Kilburn
Walter and Eileen Kintsch
Bonnie Kirschenbaum
James and Donna Klausman
David Korevaar
Judith and Jeffrey Kremen
Deanna and Joseph LaCamera, Jr.
Judah and Alice Levine
Chris and Bruce Lindeke
Patricia Lisensky
Heidi and Charles Lynch
Tina Lynn-Craig and Alex Craig
Sara Mann Moore
Kim Matthews
Robert and Sandra McCalmon
Martha and Robert McLean
Judy and Alan Megibow
Tamara Milane and Dennis Schouten
Mitrani Family Foundation
Mutsumi Moteki and David Kirtley
Dick and Anne Munday
Virginia Newton
Mary and Kevin O’Brien
Neil and Martha Palmer
Raymond Paquette
Christopher and Linda Paris
Dennis Peterson
Diane Phillips
Gail Promboin and Robert Burnham
Barb and John Quinlan
Barbara Reid and Christopher Meadows
Ardith and Rodney Rietema
Tom Riis
Becky and Keyan Riley
Marti and Patrick Ritto
Lindsey Ritz
Juan and Alicia Rodriguez
Connie and Harold Roth
Rodney Rothlisberger
Luana and Paul Rubin
Donald and Elizabeth Saunders
Cyndy and Paul Schauer
Suan and Russell Schnell
David and Susan Seitz
Becky and John Shockley
Robert and Jeanne Sichler
Andrew Skumanich
Dan and Donna Smith
Theodore and Ruth Smith
Jeff and Joy Stewart
Mark Stutzman
Fred Timmons
Caroline and Richard Van Pelt
Marianne Van Pelt
Celia and John Waterhouse
Dorothy and Randy Watson
Mary Webber and Gerald Grammens
William E. Schmidt Foundation Inc.
Beth and Karl Williamson
Wright Family Foundation
Kenneth and Ruth Wright
Dan and Joyce Zaharris


Anonymous (4)
1448 Madison St LLC
Leslie and Philip Aaholm
Cindy and Narendra Acharya
Michael and Linda Anderson
Rita and David Beggs
Susan and Warren Bocim
Jim and Judith Bowers
Sally and Sandy Bracken
Barbara Brenton
J. N. and Martha Brown
Sally and Bayly Buck
Judith Burness
Brenda and Bernard Buster
Shirley Carnahan
Emily and Kaleb Chesnic
Bob Clingan
Alexandra Cramer
Rita and Douglas Dart
Alexa and Andy Doebele
Sandra and Bruce Dudley
Robbie Dunlap
Sib Ellis and Cappy Black
Suzanne Ford
Robert Garnett
Rodney and Sandra Garnett
Jim Gentry
Ronda and Donald Goulart
Elisabeth Grace
Ken and Dianne Hackett
Carol Hampf and Peter Kloepfer
Katherine Hansil
Thomas and Nicole Hasenpflug
Rachel Hauser and Jeffrey Whiting
Marcia and Christopher Hazlitt
William Hoffman
Peggy Isakson
Ray Jenkins
Diane and Mark Jensen
Marcia Johnson
Jennifer and Bob Kamper
Bob and Mikee Kapelke
Carol and Saeed Karim
Bridget and Joseph Kasinskas
Sherlyn and Greg Keiling
Steve and Tara Kelly
Holger Kley and Jacqueline Zipser
Kathryn and Nathan Klotz
Maureen and Paul Kroeger
Robert and Kimberly Larsen
Robert Larson
Timothy and Birgit Lilligren
Albert T. Lundell
Marianne and George F. Markham Foundation Inc.
Ann and Robert McCarroll
Courtney and Robert McDonald
Lauri and Robert McNown
Donna Meckley
Lise Menn
Patricia and Tom Metz
Julie and Gail Mock
Chris Mueller
Robin Newsome-Suitts and David C. Suitts
Elizabeth and Philip Nicholson
Jeffrey Nytch and Jeffrey Kash
Margaret Oakes
Elisabeth Ohly-Davis and Andrew Davis
Stephanie and Roger Oram
David and Ann Phillips
Janet and Preston Pierce, Jr.
Kim and Rich Plumridge
Evette and John Ramsay
Kenneth Ransom
Jane and Cedric Reverand
Cynthia and Dave Rosengren
Madalynn and Larry Schmidt
Ruth Schoening
Suzanne and James Sevy
William Shiovitz
Jeffrey and Shelley Stiffler
Anthony and Randi Stroh
Dawna and Fred Swenson
Douglas and Avlona Taylor
Yvette and Jeff Teschner
Patricia Thompson
Heather Van Dusen
Donna and Don Vermeer
Lynne and Rick Waidler
Charles Wennermark
Charles and Phyllis Wibby
Anne and Peter Wood


1981 Snare Line Endowed Scholarship Fund
Amadeus Fund
American Music Research Center Endowment
Anthony and Dorothy Riddle Lyric Theatre Performance Prize
Architects of Music Endowed Opportunity Fund
Arline P. Cohen Music Scholarship Fund
Artist Series Endowment Fund
Bagley Prize
Barbara M. Doscher Memorial Voice Scholarship
Beckie Reeder Arnold Piano Scholarship Fund
Bernice Holic Piano Award Fund
Berton Coffin Applied Voice Faculty Research and Professional Development Endowment Fund
Berton Coffin Endowed Fund Enhancing Voice Students’ Success
Berton Coffin Voice Faculty Fellowship Fund
Berton Coffin Voice Scholarship Fund
Betsey Crockett Shay Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Bob and Judy Charles Endowed Chair in Music
Bourne/Yaroush Takács Quartet Boulder Performance Endowment
Brownlow V. Wilson Scholarship in Music Education
Burford-O’Neal-Taniguchi Endowment for the Entreprenuership Center for Music
Cecil Effinger Endowed Fellowship in Composition
Celena M. Smith Music Fund
Charles Haertling Scholarship Fund
Charlotte Orr Reid Vocal Scholarship Endowment Fund
Christoffersen Endowment Fund for the Takács Quartet
Christoffersen Fellows in Composition Endowed Fund
Christoffersen Fellows in Composition Endowed Professional Development Fund
Chuck, Jane and Jeff Byers Family Fund for Choral Music Education
Claudia Boettcher Merthan Vocal Scholarship Endowment
College of Music Advantage Endowment
College of Music Fund for Faculty Excellence
Crick Streamer Memorial Scholarship Fund
CU New Opera Workshop Endowment Fund
Dale R. Johnson Opera Scholarship
Daniel and Boyce Sher Colorado Music Scholarship Endowment Fund
Daniel and Boyce Sher Colorado Music Scholars Endowed Fund for Piano
Daniel and Boyce Sher Distinguished Musicians Scholarship
Darrell and Lauren Boyle Lyric Theatre Program Endowment Fund
Darrell and Lauren Boyle Lyric Theatre Program Scholarship
Deborah Hayes Endowed Musicology Scholarship Fund
Denby and Georgia L. Peebles Memorial Fund
Denes Koromzay Fund for Chamber Music
Dennis Jackson Opera Scholarship Fund
Dewitt and Billie Brennan Music Fund
Don G. Campbell Fund for The American Music Research Center
Don T. Swall Band Scholarship Fund
Doris Pridenoff Lehnert Endowed Piano Scholarship Fund
Dorothea Eldridge Music
Douglas, Connie (Zwoyer) and Tyler and Lois Harsh Memorial Endowment
Edith E. Edwards Estate Scholarship Fund
Ekstrand Competition Endowed Fund
Elena Ann Donald College of Music Endowment Fund
Eric Sutton Skinner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Erismann Fund for Faculty Excellence
Eugene D. Eaton Jr. Chair in Baroque Music
Everett J. Hilty, Sr. Music Fund
Ewing Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Fischer Family Endowed Music Scholarship Fund
Fran and Jack Rominger Endowed Music Scholarship Fund
Frank and Gina Day Endowed Music Scholarship Fund
Frank W. Baird Trumpet Scholarship Endowment Fund
Freelyn A. Jeffers Graduate Fellowship in Choral Conducting
Gabor Ormai String Scholarship Endowment
Garrett-Cummings Electro Acoustic Student Award Fund
George Fullmer Reynolds Lectureship
George Lynn Memorial Endowment Fund
Gladeane Lefferdink Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Glenn Miller Fund
Gloria and Martin Trotsky Music Scholarship Fund
Gordon C. Miller Seminar Series Endowment Fund
Gregory Philip Ranno Excellence in Music Scholarship Fund
Hallenbeck/Walker Music Composition Fund
Hathorn Family Endowed Fund for Flute Student Success
Herbert T. Clark Scholarship Fund
Hoover Music Teaching and Learning Endowment Fund
Howard B. Waltz Music Scholarship
James M. Grossi Composition Scholarship
Jean Hammond Macferran Music Education Endowment Fund
Jean L. and Jack C. Thompson Jazz Endowment Fund
Jessie and Albert Henry Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Joan Catoni Conlon Graduate Choral Fellowship
Joe and Becky Negler CU Jazz Endowment
Joseph Negler Endowed Chair in Music
John F. Hardy Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
John Nolan Parsons Musicology Endowment
John W. (Jack) Bartram Memorial Fund
Jonathan and Shari Fox Marching Band Endowed Scholarship Fund
Joyce Mata Ashley Endowed Scholarship Fund
Julia Lakritz and Sondra Weiner Endowed Scholarship Fund for Piano
Karen McMurry Scholarship Endowment
Katherine Anne Suber Whiton Music Scholarship Endowment Fund
Louis and Harold Price Entrepreneurship Center for Music Fund
Louise Touhy Scholarship Fund
Lynn Whitten Choral Music Faculty Fellowship
Lynn Whitten Fellowship in Graduate Choral Conducting
Mantey Fund for Faculty Excellence
Margaret Steed Memorial Graduate String Quartet Endowed Fund
Margaret V. Heinricy Student Support Fund in Music
Marty and Alan Stormo Endowed Music Fund
Mayme Holder Lacy CU Opera Endowment
McDowell CU Opera Endowment
Michele and Michael Ritter Classical Guitar Program Endowment Fund
Mile Hi Band Scholarship Fund
Nancy and Ted Anderson Music Scholarship Endowment
Navid and Firuzeh Saidi Guitar and Piano Endowed Support Fund
NORIS Graduate Student Awards in Music
Norman W. Swanson Music Scholarship Fund
Nurit and Jim Wolf Endowed Collaborative Piano Scholarship Fund
O’Neal Taniguchi Endowment for the Entrepreneurship Center
Pamela K. Stormo Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund for Music Education
Pattie and Ben Nelson Senior Leadership Endowed Scholarship Fund
Paula Marie and H. Rolan Zick Endowment
Peercy-Roth Memorial Scholarship Fund
Pete Smythe Scholarship Fund
Peter and Julianne Steinhauer Fund
Phyllis Parmlee Memorial Piano Scholarship Fund
R. Mauldin Piano Scholarship Fund
Raymond Schultz and Jessica Finlay-Schultz Marching Band Endowment
Rebecca Beardmore Chavez and Briana Lee Rees Scholarship Fund
Rebecca Scamman Green Marching Band Endowed Scholarship Fund
Rhodes Gluck Marching Band Scholarship Endowment
Richard Toensing Endowed Doctoral Scholarship in Composition
Richard Toensing Undergraduate Composition Scholarship Fund
Ritter Classical Guitar Scholarship Endowment Fund
Robert A. Miles Endowed Bassoon Scholarship Fund
Robert K. McIntosh Award Fund for Music Instruction
Robert R. and Ruth J. Fink College of Music Endowment Fund
Robert R. Fink Music Theory Scholarship Fund
Robin Sawhill Piano Fellowship Competiton
Roser Endowed Musicology Department Support Fund
Roser Piano and Keyboard Program Endowed Fund
Roser Student Travel Endowed Fund
Scott Robert McBurney Memorial Endowed Piano Scholarship Fund
Slavin Marching Band Scholarship Endowment Fund
Stanley Ruttenberg Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Stephen Robert Dudley Horn Scholarship Endowment
Storm Bull Research Award
Sue Conrad and C. Dixon Titus Memorial Fund
Susan L. Porter Memorial Fund Takács Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Faye Shwayder
Taniguchi Holiday Festival Student Support Endowment Fund
The College of Music Scholarship Endowment Fund
The Eklund Family Opera Program at CU Boulder Endowment Fund
The Judith and Richard Waterman Scholarship Fund
The Walter and Jenny Kate Collins Graduate Fellowship in Choral Studies
Thurston E. Manning Endowment Fund for Composition
Tonya Jilling and Brad Ellins Endowed Music Scholarship Fund
Trego Music Endowment Fund
Trudi Mielziner Graduate Opera Scholarship Endowment Fund
Valentine Henrich Memorial Endowed Clarinet Scholarship Fund
Virginia Blake Becker Scholarship Fund
Virginia E. Schwatel Fund for Music Education
Wallace F. Fiske Memorial Scholarship Fund
Wallace Fiske Music Library Fund
Walter Orr Roberts Music Scholarship
Warner and Norma Imig Choral Conducting Scholarship Fund
Weil Endowed Fund for Faculty Excellence
William Earl Rose Sr. Scholarship Fund
William J. and Elizabeth C. Suitts Music Student Support Endowment Fund
Wilma and Perry Louis Cunningham Scholarship Fund