Harpsichord in a studio
Welcome to Organ and Harpsichord!

The College of Music offers BM, MM, and DMA degrees in organ, BM and MM in harpsichord, as well as MM in early keyboard, which blends musicology with study of either instrument. Organ and harpsichord majors concentrate on the study of concert literature, although there is supporting course work in church music, basso-continuo accompaniment, and historical performance practices. Harpsichord and organ study are also available as an option for keyboard undergraduate majors to satisfy the degree requirement in a second area of performance, or at any level as an elective.

Audition programs for organ should include a work from J. S. Bach, a representative work from the 19th century, and a work from either 17th or 20th/21st centuries. For harpsichord the program should draw from a cross section of the repertoire, including a work from J. S. Bach and choices from Italian composers, French clavicinistes, and English and German composers. The audition will range from 20-30 minutes depending on the degree level, including a brief interview.

The college owns a small Casavant tracker-action organ, and several other practice organs. We also have access to four larger church organs in the city of Boulder. The college owns harpsichords by Keith Hill, Devin Golka (workshop of Keith Hill) and Hubbard.

The applicant should review each degree plan carefully. The accompanying repertoire sheet reflects a minimum accumulated repertoire for graduation, some of which may already be in the student’s repertoire. Please contact the Organ and Harpsichord chair Dr. Elizabeth Farr for further information or questions.

Degree Programs

elizabeth farrElizabeth Farr

Elizabeth Farr specializes in the performance of keyboard music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. She has performed solo recitals on the harpsichord, organ and pedal harpsichord to critical acclaim throughout the United States and in Germany. Her performances as a concerto soloist and basso-continuo player have also earned high praise. Read Dr. Farr's full bio.