ALTEC (Anderson Language Technology Center)

Mark Knowles, Director


Karen Tracy, interaction, conversational practice

Computer Science

Gerhard Fischer, human-computer interaction
Clayton Lewis, artificial intelligence
James Martin, natural language processing
Michael Mozer, neural networks and machine learning


Mark Clarke (UC-Denver), TESOL
Mileidis Gort, equity, bilingualism & biliteracy
Susan Hopewell, equity, bilingualism & biliteracy
Deborah Palmer, equity, bilingualism & biliteracy
Lucinda Soltero-González (UC-Denver), second language acquisition
Jamy Stillman, equity, bilingualism & biliteracy


Carol Cleland, philosophy of mind
Graeme Forbes, formal semantics

Psychology and Neuroscience

Eliana Colunga, language learning and cognitive processes
Alice Healy, psycholinguistics and reading
Al Kim, neuroscience of language

Spanish and Portuguese

Esther Brown, Spanish phonology
Javier Rivas, Spanish linguistics and functional syntax

Speech, Language, and Hearing Science

Pui Fong, bilingualism
Gail Ramsberger, neurolinguistics
Brenda Schick, acquisition of American Sign Language
Allison Sedey, language development in children with Down Syndrome and in deaf children of hearing parents
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, language development in deaf children of hearing parents