Service Alert: MyISSS Host Department Information E-Form Submission Error

The MyISSS portal is currently experiencing an e-form submission issue that results when Department Administrators save defaults in fields that have conditional responses. 

Error Message

This is currently impacting the DS-2019 Request- Host Department Information e-form. Please do not save defaults in this e-form until this issue is resolved.

If you encounter difficulty submitting this e-form and have saved defaults in the e-form, try removing the conditional responses (most commonly in the mailing information section), saving the e-form again and then re-entering the information. If this does not resolve the issue, please email ISSS to request your defaults be removed on the backend of the system.

Service Alert: MyISSS E-Form Submission Errors

The MyISSS portal is currently experiencing intermittent file upload and e-form errors that may impact e-form submissions.

If you encounter difficulty submitting an e-form, please try the following actions:

  • Ensure that the name of any files that you are uploading in the e-form have all valid characters such as letters and numbers. File names cannot include commas or colons as commas and colons will break the upload.
    • If you are unsure if you are encountering a file name error, remove the file from the e-form, rename it with a simple file name (e.g., your name), and upload it again. 
  • Remove files you have uploaded in the e-form and then re-upload them
  • Use different browsers to access the MyISSS portal
  • Use a private browser session
  • Use a different computer/device

If you are unable to resolve the error after trying these actions, email ISSS for assistance.

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