DS-2019 Request & Training/ Internship Placement Plan Available in the MyISSS Departmental Services Portal

Departments submitting DS-2019 requests for student interns must submit the DS-2019 Request (Student Intern) & Training/ Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP) e-forms available in the MyISSS Departmental Services Portal.

DS-2019 Request Checklist- Student Intern

Export Controls Processing Times

Due to personnel changes, the Office of Export Controls (OEC)  requires 5-6 weeks to review all visa Export Control clearances for visa applications.

  • Keep this in mind when submitting initial, extension, and amendment requests for DS-2019 forms (J-1 visas) and H-1B filings.
    • DS-2019 requests should be submitted 3-4 months prior to the requested start date.
    • H-1B requests should be submitted 6 months prior to the requested start date.

If there is a time-sensitive DS-2019 (J-1) or H-1B request, contact your assigned ISSS advisor.

Exchange Visitor HCM Record Requirement

Departments must add a position or Person of Interest (POI) in HCM (directly or with the assistance of the HR Service Center) for all incoming J-1 exchange visitor scholars and interns prior to taking any actions in the MyISSS Departmental Services Portal or submitting DS-2019 request paperwork to ISSS. 

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It is possible for faculty members to host an overseas college student in an internship at the University of Colorado Boulder under the J-1 College Student Intern Program. If all the criteria for participation are met, ISSS can issue the DS-2019 and DS-7002 immigration document for the student intern to obtain a J-1 visa under this category.

Important Notice: All DS-2019/DS-7002 request paperwork for a new Exchange Visitor Student Intern program must be submitted to ISSS 3-6 months in advance of the desired start date.

Any student who has not been awarded an undergraduate degree must come as an exchange visitor student intern on a J-1 visa.

  • Students in master's and doctoral degree programs outside the U.S. are also able to participate in exchange visitor student intern programs.

Criteria for an Exchange Visitor Student Intern (J-1 visa)

  • The internship cannot be for more than 12 months; and no less than 3 weeks (21 days).
  • The student intern is a foreign national enrolled in and pursuing a degree at an accredited post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S.
  • The student intern must be engaged fulltime (32 hours/week) in the internship at CU Boulder that will fulfill the educational objectives for their current degree program at the home institution.
  • The student intern is maintaining satisfactory advancement towards completion of the internship program.
  • The student intern has verifiable English language skills to function in the internship environment and local community.
  • The student intern is primarily in the U.S. to engage in the intern program rather than to engage in employment or provide services to CU Boulder.
  • The student intern must be in good academic standing with their post-secondary institution overseas where they are enrolled in and pursuing a degree.
  • The student intern will return to his/her academic program and obtain a degree from their overseas academic institution after completion of the student intern program.
  • The student intern has adequate finances to support himself/herself and dependents for their duration of their stay in the U.S.
  • The student internship exposes participants to American techniques, methodologies, and technology and expands upon the participants' existing knowledge and skills. The internship cannot duplicate the student intern's prior experience.
  • The student intern must have sufficient health insurance coverage that meets the minimum requirements set by the U.S. Government for the entire duration of their internship program.

CU Boulder Host Supervisor's Responsibilities

  • Ensure that there are sufficient resources, plan, equipment and trained personnel available to provide for the specified internship program
  • Ensures the internship does not displace full or part-time temporary or permanent American workers or serve to fill a labor need
  • Ensure that the student intern is not placed in an unskilled or casual labor position, in a position that requires or involves child care or elder care, a position in the field of aviation or in clinical positions or any other kind of work that involves patient care or contact, including therapy
  • Ensures that the position the student intern fills exists solely to assist the student intern in achieving the objectives of his/her participation in a student internship program and does not involve more than 20% clerical work
  • Complete the required evaluation of the student intern's performance at the conclusion of the internship. Internships lasting longer than 6 months require a mid-point evaluation
  • Complete the Training/Internship Placement Plan (form DS-7002) which will be reviewed by ISSS and submitted to the SEVIS system.