The department has recognized the fact that some UAS trainees and or applicants of UAS certificates may not have immediate access to a UAS before receiving their certification. This could make it difficult to stay current or develop skills necessary to train for missions without direct supervision. With this in mind, the department has invested in a variety of UAS and now provides the opportunity for certified PICs to check them out. 

The university currently has the following UAS available for checkout: Mavic 2, Mavic Air, Mavic Mini, Twin Otter, Bixler, Motor-glider.

All checkout scheduling is done through email at this time; you are required to fill out the form here

Each UAS has a data folder associated with it. In this folder you will find the UAS FAA registration card, UAS maintenance log, a copy of the current blanket COA, UAS checklist, a COA flight checklist, UAS airworthiness certificate, and any manuals which came with the UAS from the supplier. One important point of note is that the maintenance logs are kept as electronic copies on Google Drive, the ones printed out in the folder have the date they were printed stated at the bottom. It is up to the PIC to check the most up to date logs by requesting access to the Google Drive document.