Innovation and EntrepreneurshipThe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative aims to align and optimize resources across the University of Colorado Boulder campus that support innovation and entrepreneurship—in an inclusive, multidisciplinary understanding—to reach across traditional silos, facilitate collaboration, fuel achievement and build the university’s reputation. 

Innovation and entrepreneurship are pivotal to CU Boulder's success and growth. As a leading academic institution, the university significantly emphasizes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among its students, faculty and staff. CU Boulder encourages the development of groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial ventures by cultivating creative thinking, risk-taking and problem-solving. This drives academic excellence and equips the university to tackle societal challenges and contribute to economic development.

CU Boulder actively promotes innovation through research, technology transfer and entrepreneurial initiatives, transforming visionary concepts into practical solutions with a positive impact locally and globally. Embracing innovation and entrepreneurship enhances the university's reputation, attracts top talent and fosters collaborations with industry partners, furthering its mission of advancing knowledge and making a meaningful difference in the world.